Steven Furtick writes:  Many people have a warped view of God’s reaction to our sin. They think that if God is disciplining them, He’s out to get them. They’ve walked away from God, so now He’s paying them back. Getting even. Settling the score. This misses the whole point of God’s discipline. God doesn’t discipline us to pay us back but to bring us back. To our senses. To the life we were saved for. To Him. One of the most unloving things God could do would be to allow you to live in sin and operate under the illusion that you’re still close to Him. Conversely, one of the most loving things God can do is to bust you in your sin. To make you realize just how far away you are from him. To get you to see just how far you’ve drifted, and how desperately you need to come back. And so sometimes God will discipline us. He will accept your momentary pain for your eternal pleasure. He doesn’t have a vendetta. He’s not trying to settle scores. He’s not trying to pay us back. via Pastor Steven Furtick – God Isn’t Trying to Pay You Back. Thoughts? Todd