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Paula White Causes Protest

Some members of an Orlando area mega-church spent their Christmas protesting the possible appointment of a new pastor. Churchgoers at New Destiny Christian Center are concerned over the possibility of Paula White replacing the church’s late pastor, Zachary Tims. Last week, the group passed around petitions and asked board members to resign. They claim the church’s board has ulterior motives. The petitioners said Tims’ ex-wife, Riva Tims, should be the pastor. “The majority of the congregation does not want Paula White. We want our mother back, and our mother is pastor Riva Tims,” Mary Walker said. White began serving as the church’s temporary pastor after Tims was found dead inside a New York City hotel room. New Destiny board members have not not confirmed whether they plan to name White the permanent pastor. White currently serves as the senior pastor at Tampa’s Without Walls International Church. The board’s decision on a permanent replacement for Tims is expected to be announced on New Year’s Eve. via WESH Orlando. Uh… wow.  This would be a fascinating story without Paula White in it.  Add Paula and you’ve got something. By the way… I’m hoping I can get my new Lead Pastor to take a publicity shot like Paula’s. She’s not just here to look cute, you know.