For What it's Worth

Pat Robertson's Million Dollar Word of Knowledge

Help us out here. On a recent episode of the 700 Club Pat Robertson received a word of knowledge about a viewer that would be receiving a check for $1 million. A few days later, Robertson shared that a business man told him that BP had written him a check for $1 million. The check was related to the Gulf oil spill, and he had not been expecting it. When you hear about things like this, how do you feel? Is this a miraculous event, or something a little less than that? Is Pat Robertson doing God’s work in sharing a “word of knowledge” or is he giving those trying to discredit our faith more ammunition? Are these types of things intended to be done in the public eye, or in private? We have a lot of questions here, we’d love to hear your take: Were YOU given Pat Robertson’s platform, would YOU share a “word of knowledge”? Link