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Pat Robertson on “awful looking women”

Come on women… get with the program.

Pat Robertson gives advice from his 58 years of marriage.  He knows what he’s talking about.

Somehow I think his co-host doesn’t agree.

Oh my.

Don’t you wish you owned your own Christian television network so you could say wacky things?


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9 Responses to “ “Pat Robertson on “awful looking women””

  1. Rod Gauthier says:

    Can someone just shut him up!!!
    Let’s just blame the woman, its got nothing to do with the guy playing war games on his PC. Let’s just sprinkle a little romance dust on them and “bam”, everything is fine!
    Pat, get real!

  2. Andy says:

    After 58 years, I wonder if HIS wife drinks?

  3. Matt says:

    ok – i cringe at most of what he says, but all those folks who love Mark Driscoll – he says this same stuff – all kinds of the new wave of ‘star’ preachers say this kind of stuff – there is plenty of Pat’s words to condemn, but i don’t think we need to dog pile on him over this

  4. I’m sure he could have said something about the lazy dad, but in his defense, their is a nugget of truth in his rant. I can’t stand how our culture expects women to be men nowadays. Its frustrating that women have to do house chores, work, and take care of the kids…they don’t have time to look nice for their husbands. I think this is a by product of a messed up culture that expects too much of women in the wrong areas.

    • Linda says:

      I totally agree with you. This is an example of messed up thinking and people to expect too much. I also feel that he should have said something about praying for your parents. Get faithful Christians to pray for them and stand in the gap. Good old fashioned intercession may work better than his advice of a date night.

  5. Rich says:

    At Pat’s age – and unfortunately for all around me, I have this same problem – THE FILTER IS GONE! Used to be a time when I would think before I spoke – not much anymore so I have a little more mercy for Pat and others with this same age related affliction.

  6. james crall says:

    What’s wrong with all you people …That was funny stuff…and he might have very well been right on target.

  7. David says:

    That was just part of what he suggested and he never said he knew the mom looked awful. When a couple drifts apart, both people need to look for things they can do. It’s rarely one-sided. Not knowing all the particulars, you have to give a broad spectrum of advice. I saw nothing wrong with what he said. I wouldn’t have said what he said the pastor said. That was insensitive and mean, but not Pat’s words. His co-host did zero in on that one aspect although there was more to his statement.

  8. kjc says:

    to elevate what Paul said – “Preach the word” that should be our focus. Thats it. To get into these type things is not the WORD in my view. You know I would never preach a sermon on having a baby – I am a man – and I do not known anything about that – Dear Bro. Pat does not know anything about this Mom and Dad of the question here, his 58 yrs should have nothing to do with a good biblical answer of which I think a preacher could find and give some wise thoughts.


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