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Pat Robertson: More cameras and security a sign of the end times

Freedom is coming to an end as we know it… and the end times are here (or at least the book 1984 is coming true).  What do you think?

5 Responses to “ “Pat Robertson: More cameras and security a sign of the end times”

  1. People still watch this?

  2. Mark Triplett says:

    I’m not one to often agree with Pat, but since I’m in the broadcast business, i know that if you have cable TV, sat TV or use Tivo, your viewing habits are reported to the cable or sat company and then networks purchase that information to create programming and tailor commercials to you.

    It’s been done on the internet for ages. How often do you go to a web site and an advertisement for a store 2 blocks from your house comes on to a page that you frequent?

    Location Information about every cell call is logged by the phone companies and law enforcement agencies subpena that information all the time to fight criminal activity.

    Is the government watching everything we do? I don’t know, but the technology and capability certainly exists to do so.

  3. Chuck says:

    I don’t watch Pat; I don’t like Pat’s modus operandi; I wish Pat would let that horizontal cut beneath his nose heal.

    But this time, Pat is right.

    The control that Antichrist will exert requires such surveillance and everything – from financial systems to commerce to “security” – is all headed in the direction of what is prophesied for the end times.

    A worldwide government that Satan sits over in the Tribulation period can’t be built overnight.

    So, rather than hyperventilate, I’ll just lift up my head because my redemption’s drawing near.

  4. James says:

    I think I’m more interested in what is driving the whole discussion in the first place.
    My hunch is for a lot of people it would be the fear of losing. Losing what can range from freedom to free root beer floats on Friday night at A & W.
    I’ve followed Pat for a lot of years and even contributed to his minitry in the early 70′s but then I wised up. Not to put him down, but focusing on the end times was, and probably still is to some a huge deal. Predicting the second coming, the tribulation etc.etc.
    Frankly I don’t waste my time with that pursuit. Jesus outlined epochs and signs, but He was also very careful to teach us to be about the important matters which was loving, healing, saving, following, supporting people with great loss and need.
    Fear of the future will steal my joy and productivity in the present. Plus what I fear is only an illusion a vapor. To dwell on a maybe, or might is living in a dream world of confusion.
    And if Pat is right and I lose everything here on earth, I’ve lost nothing compared to what Jesus has already given me. A relationship with Him, my wife, family, friends, those yet to be a part of my family.
    We are so afraid of the fear of the pain of loss that in reality we’ve already lost some very precious and that is the here and now.
    Jesus help us to keep on track, focusing our entire being on what is truth and what is important.
    When He comes in Glory is when He comes. Today, tomorrow, not in my life time, what matters is that we know Him and live with Him now.
    blessings, good thoughts

  5. Yes, we have more monitoring devices and the capability to do more of it. So what does it all mean? who knows. Does that mean the anti-christ is in some pre-school somewhere in Europe? I doubt it, This type of thing only creates panic in those looking for some grand conspiracy. It also keeps the church from being the church, from tangibly caring for the poor and the disenfranchised, to environmental issues. Focusing on the fictitious end times helps no one.

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