Pastor's wives… can this be true?

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen writes a piece over the weekend at the Washington Post where she describes six things that she says she didn’t know about pastor’s wives.

Some are pretty true… while others are a little more isolated, I think.  See what you think:

1.  Pastor’s wives don’t exactly love their husband’s work.

I’ve seen this quite a bit.  She sites that long hours, horrible pay, and the stress.  I think this is spot on for many pastor’s wives.  They support the calling, but hate what the job does to their husbands.

2.  They are highly criticized.  She calls it ‘life in the fishbowl’, and in some regards, it is true.  There is an unspoken expectation for the pastor’s wife in many churches.  In fact, in many churches, there is no way one woman could meet the varied expectations of all the congregants.  The bottom line:  many pastor’s wives get abused rather than respected.

3.  Sex is on their minds.  She talks about a pastor’s wives retreat that she attended where the women talked about sex.  I don’t have any idea whether pastor’s wives think about sex any more than the local accountant’s wife.

4.  Pastor’s wives work.  She was surprised by this… but yep… some pastor’s wives work outside the home.  Probably looking back at #1 will tell you a bit why.

5.  Pastor’s wives love Twitter.  Some do, most don’t.

6.  Blogs are their secret outlet.  True for some… but I think that most pastor’s wives don’t blog at all.


What trends do you see with pastor’s wives that didn’t make the list?

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