Pastor's "Don't Go To Church" message really ticked people off

This is the first I’d heard of this… but it happened this past Easter:

“Don’t Go To Church” – the words are blunt and meant to spark a reaction. The controversial message has been popping up all over Fayetteville – on newspaper ads, billboards, T-shirts and online – but the message has a hidden meaning, those responsible say.

“I’ve worn the T-shirt. I’ve had people telling us we’re going to hell,” said Jeff Isenhour, pastor of Arran Lake Baptist Church. “Church is not a place you go. Church ought to be who we are.”

Isenhour says his congregation is trying to reach out to those with no church home. Instead of going to traditional church on Easter Sunday, they are asking people to come to J.P. Riddle Stadium for a non-traditional service.

Those who go to the event “won’t feel out of place. No one will be judging what you’re wearing, shaking your hand with a plastic smile or telling you how good it is to finally see you again,” according to a video posted on the group’s site,

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I did something like this once that ticked people off.

When our church started a Saturday morning service, I (probably stupidly) ran an ad on the church page of the paper that had the headline: “Sleep in on Sunday Mornings”.  (the copy then said to join us on Saturday night.  Talk about an almost fireable offense.  :)

Here you can see that video the church posted of the event last Easter.  Nearly 3,000 people attended:


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