Pastoral words of wisdom from Elton John

In reading an article about Elton John, he said something that tells me that there’s more to Elton John than flamboyant hair and glasses.  Here’s what he said (in the context of being a musician and celebrity)…

Once you have people around you who don’t question you, you’re in a dangerous place.

Absolute brilliance on Elton’s part.

Pastors and church leaders all, whether you know it or not, enjoy a certain amount of celebrity.

You’re up on the platform every week.  Speaking to many more people than you could ever talk with individually.

Chances are, when you walk into Walmart, there are people there who know who you are (even though they don’t even look remotely familiar to you).

That’s ok.

The challenge of ‘celebrity’ though is that people want to be around you.

And the bigger and more attractive your church becomes, the more people that will want to be in your inner circle.

The problem is, as Elton points out, those people that crowd themselves into your inner circle may not always have your best interest in mind.

They may not tell you when you goof up.  Or when you cross a boundary.

They may not question you. At all.

And when that happens, you’re in a very dangerous place.

Leaders… we have to be accountable.

We have to have people in our lives that have the freedom to tell us that we’re jerks.  Or question our actions when they should be questioned.

Do you have these types of people in your inner circles?  On your staff?  On your elder team?

If you don’t… I agree totally with Elton… you’re in a dangerous place.

Fix it today.  It’s not that hard.  Search out someone who will tell you the truth… about you!


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