Pastoral Burdens: The biggest problems you’re probably facing right now…

Sometimes being a pastor is a lonely and thankless job. In fact, pastors and church leaders face a unique set of burdens different from all other professions. Recently Chuck Lawless from Southeastern University compiled a list of twelve burdens that he most often sees pastors and church leaders carrying.  See if any of these resonate with you today:

  1. Declining church growth
  2. Losing the support of friends
  3. Grieving a fall
  4. Sensing that the sermon went nowhere
  5. Losing vision
  6. Being lonely
  7. Dealing with unsupportive staff
  8. Remembering failures
  9. Dealing with death recurrently
  10. Facing personal jealousies
  11. Balancing family and ministry priorities
  12. Responding to criticism
Read more details on each on of these at Thom Rainer’s blog right there… What is YOUR biggest burden right now?  If you care to share, please leave a comment below…