Pastor: If you're not talking about money… you are not doing your job.

Mark Brooks writes:

If you have not established a culture of generosity at your church you will never raise significant dollars!

If you cannot raise significant dollars you will be hampered in terms of the amount of ministry and missions your church accomplishes.

If you don’t have a solid base of missions and ministry you are dying as a church.

If you are dying as a church you are not fulfilling God’s call to ministry.

From 1968 to 2010 the amount of money Americans gave to the church of their incomes fell from 3.11% to 2.4%. That represents BILLIONS of dollars a year lost for Kingdom purposes.

One reason for this decline is that we have given up the high ground when it comes to stewardship. Churches rarely teach about it. Preachers seldom preach on it. Most churches spend more time before the offering is taken up telling guest how they don’t have to give than explaining why giving is important. Is it any wonder that giving is declining?

We pass around a plate, bucket or bag for collecting money in a society that no longer carries significant amounts of cash on them and hardly ever has a check book. The Church has become disconnected to how commerce is done in American and this also increases the decline in giving. The harder we make it for donors to give the less they give.

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QUESTION:  How much do YOU talk about money at YOUR church?  Should you be more intentional in creating a culture of generosity?



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