Can Hip Hop, Nikes, and SnapChat Improve Your Ministry?

Landon Pickering got involved in youth ministry through Grapevine Church in Texas, which is led by Ed Young. Pickering had helped spearhead significant group to the church’s youth ministry program, and soon became an in-demand consultant for churches throughout the state. Pickering uses Instagram, SnapChat, and Twitter, and he relates his messages through pop culture 

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Why Church Members Criticize the Appearance of Pastors

Male and female ministers are regularly critiqued over their appearance, how they dress, their hair styles, and how they carry themselves. Women are especially scrutinized for their weight and hair styles, some reporting that their hair is more important than their theology to some. This troubling trend reveals that churches feel a sense of ownership 

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Do This Before Having a Difficult Conversation

Rather than anticipating conflict or the worst case scenario, posturing yourself for a fight, enter into a difficult conversation or conflict with empathy and understanding. Come prepared to understand the other party’s perspective so that they will be less defensive or prone to fight. Don’t avoid conflict. Seek ways to make sure the other party 

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