How to Know if a Church Visitor Will Last

Pastor Carey Nieuwhof writes that a church shopper starts out with the same questions that any typical church visitor has, but shoppers quickly turn to their own needs and priorities, criticizing churches that don’t serve them. However, those seeking a church home will be more interested in learning, growing, and serving, getting involved rather than 

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Canadian Minister Could Be Removed Because She’s an Atheist

The United Church of Canada will be deciding on the future of minister Gretta Vosper, who serves at West Hill United Church in Toronto’s east end. Vosper claims she has been shaped by the church, but the denomination is concerned because Vosper is also an atheist. Vosper shared that some have been extremely hostile toward her over the 

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Chinese Government Can’t Beat Christianity and Develops New Plan

The Communist Party in China knows that there are thousands if not millions of Christians in China. Many churches are underground, allegedly subverting the control of the government. Officials have adopted a new strategy: creating a Chinese Christian Theology that puts the government first and the Kingdom of God second, appointing their own ministers and 

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This Week In Ministry: What’s the Limit on Innovative Outreach?

This week’s ministry briefing is all about limits: when to set them, when to break them, and when to enforce them. Churches face some of their most important challenges when it comes to innovating for outreach to their communities. Egg drops from helicopters have become popular outreach events during the Easter season, but these community 

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