Google Fiber Could Go to Poor Neighborhoods

As Google Fiber comes to Nashville, promising faster broadband to certain neighborhoods, the company has asked communities to make noise about getting Fiber and promising that the loudest will get Fiber first. However, this competitive approach to business can leave the poor behind who have other, more immediate concerns. Pastors in Nashville have taken up 

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Don’t Let a Fictional Church Wreck Your Ministry

Pastors who have incorrect expectations of their churches based on fictional, idealized churches in their minds can undermine their ministry. A fictional church may will leave you unprepared for the real problems that you’ll face, unable to address real questions, and unable to respond with grace to the challenges that you’ll face. Click here to 

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How Has Ministry

How Has Ministry Changed in the Past 40 years?

Ministry has shifted dramatically in the past 40 years, especially with the widespread use of technology for communication and for church meetings. From pastors inundated with emails to multisite churches, technology has made it harder to be more personal in ministry. In addition, families are more likely to be blended or divorced, the culture has 

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