The Changing Role of the Executive Pastor

The title “Executive Pastor” covers a pretty broad range of job functions in the church today. According to David Fletcher, the job typically falls into one of three categories:

Overseer of Operations
The Ministry Strategist
The Second-in-Command
In this edition of Ministry Briefing we discuss the evolution of the role, how it functions in the church today, and what churches need in the days to come.

How does YOUR church define the role of Executive Pastor?


9 Leadership Commitments

Those who lead others take on special responsibilities…and must hold themselves to the standards that they ask of those they lead. That is not always easy and it takes a humble vigilance because none of us do these things perfectly. But the “commitments” of leaders ought to be the norm not the exception.

Matt Steen and Todd Rhoades discuss…


How To Irritate Your Leadership Team

Are you a dripping faucet leader?

Dripping faucet leaders are constantly tweaking, suggesting changes (improvements!), and critiquing… all in the name of excellence.

While we like to think that we are trying to make things better, what we are really doing is driving our teams crazy… and encouraging them to quit.

Today we react to a conversation between Dan Rockwell (Leadership Freak) and Mark Miller (Chick-fil-A), on how to not be a dripping faucet leader.

What would YOU add?


Good rule of thumb for churches: Pay your mortgage BEFORE your jet fuel bill

The story of Family Christian Center makes our heads spin and leaves us mumbling under our breath. The church is about to lose it’s building due to non-payment of its mortgage, which would normally be a sad story. What makes this story outrageous is the fact that the church was paying $3.5 million a year for staffing, $900,000 in travel and meal costs, and $500,000 a year in jet fuel costs.

All while NOT paying their mortgage.

Go ahead, say it:


Many church leaders will look at this story, shake their head, and think nothing more about… but let’s be clear: this affects your church too.


Where is your church broken?

Our friend Chris Huff used to have a pretty cool job: test engineer.

The test engineer’s job is pretty simple: make sure things aren’t broken. Read that again. The job wasn’t to make sure things work, it was to make sure they aren’t broken. Broken things can still function, they can still work, and they can potentially even do they job… but they are still broken.

We think that the church could use a few test engineers… how about you?

Have YOU ever brought in someone to make sure YOUR church isn’t broken?


Do you know your neighbor?

Often times we find ourselves dreaming big dreams, setting lofty goals, and launching grand strategies for reaching out to our communities… when we don’t even know our neighbors.

In their book Faithmapping: A Gospel Atlas for Your Spiritual Journey, Barry Montgomery and Mike Cosper suggest that before pursuing the grand strategies, we may want to do life with those who live closest to us first.

How have YOU most effectively reached out to YOUR neighbors?


Why your church needs a desk…

Jimmy Fallon has a completely different kind of late night show, one that is unlike any of his predecessors… yet, like his predecessors he has a desk, a band, a side kick, etc.

Rich Birch suggests that in order for people to understand Jimmy Fallon, and his newness, people to need latch on to certain features of his show in order to understand what it is: Johnny Carson had a desk, a band, and a sidekick… Fallon must be doing a late night show. Rich goes on to ask the question: what do our churches need in order for people to understand that they are churches?

In this edition of Ministry Briefing, we follow Rich’s lead, and try to answer the question:

What do our churches need to keep, in order for people to understand that they are a church?


How to Say No (without being a jerk)

Matt Steen and I discuss nine things that will help you say no without being the office jerk.


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Learning to love the gap

Ever find that you get to a point in the middle of a project where you just want to quit?

Todd Henry, of Accidental Creative fame, calls this the lag… the season when our initial energy runs out, and the light at the end of the tunnel is just to far away to give us much hope.

In this episode of Ministry Briefing we talk about embracing the lag… learning to love that gap enough to press on through the hardest parts of a project.

How do YOU encourage YOUR teams to make it through the lag?


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You won’t want to miss the Catalyst Dallas Conference, happening May 1-3, 2013, where 3,500 young leaders will converge, including high-octane speakers, powerful worship, innovative programming, and an experience unlike any other.

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Plus, Catalyst Labs will feature innovative thought leaders like Bob Goff, Carl Lentz, Matt Carter, Stasi Eldredge, David Kinnaman, Lynne Hybels, Stacy Spencer, Tim Elmore, Herbert Cooper, Promise Tangeman, Jeremy Cowart, Charles Lee, Jo Saxton, Charles Jenkins, Jennie Allen, Angie Smith, and Carlos Whittaker.

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