Hispanic Parish in Nashville Highlights Nashville’s Changes

A former Southern Baptist megachurch in Nashville has been converted into a Catholic parish that hosts over 3,300 in its auditorium. The Sagrado Corazon congregation holds mass in Spanish for its attendees that span all generations and fill the seats for mass each Sunday. The new Catholic parish highlights the changes taking place in Nashville. 

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Evangelical Women Lead Revolt Against Trump

As Republican candidate Donald Trump’s latest remarks about sexually assaulting women have come to national attention and several victims have come forward, evangelical women are saying enough is enough. Beth Moore challenged other evangelical leaders to speak against Trump’s remarks rather than minimizing them like Jerry Falwell Jr.. Kay Warren of Saddleback Church, Katelyn Beaty 

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What Is Really Killing the Church?

Churches that emphasize performance over participation, information without meaningful inspiration, and internal focus instead of external outreach are in an unhealthy position for the long term. This internal focus be especially troubling as they fail to share their wealth with others through generous giving and fail to reach new people with the Gospel. Click here 

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