The Dangers of Exhaustion for Pastors

When pastors are exhausted, they are in danger of making bad decisions, eating bad meals, acting impulsively or negatively, and responding with anger to others. Rest is essential for ministering effectively, let alone for being present with family and friends. Pastors may need accountability from colleagues, church members, or family to ensure that they take 

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Pastors Visit Prisons but Former Inmates Don’t Visit Their Churches

Half of Protestant pastors have not had a member of their congregation go to jail, so their involvement in prison ministry or restoring former inmates is largely aspirational according to LifeWay. Among pastors, 83% have visited a correctional facility. 31% of pastors report no former inmates attend their churches, and only 33% have three or 

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Groeschel Warns Churches Against Growing Too Fast

Pastor Craig Groeschel shared at the recent Catalyst One Day in Birmingham, Alabama that churches should be careful about growing too fast. Warren Bird agrees with Groeschel’s warning, noting that churches should maximize what they have before expanding and make sure any expansion is rooted in a strong leadership team and is financially responsible. Click here to 

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