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AR – Mountain Home
Young Families Pastor
First Baptist Church, Mountain Home, Arkansas is accepting resumes for a Young Families Pastor. This position is primarily responsible for all adults ages 22-40, and children 6th grade and under. Any married adults or adults under the age of 22 with children are also included. The focus of this position is on reaching and discipling young families. More info…

FL – Celebration
Director of Connections Ministry
Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration, FL is seeking a full-time Director of Connections Ministry.  This Director will facilitate the assimilation and integration of church members and visitors into church activities. Responsibilities: Recruit, equip and mobilize volunteers, develop leadership teams and build structures for maximum participation and engagement in the church family; Help develop life group vision incorporating curriculum and a missional component; and Collaborate with existing church leadership to plan, coordinate and grow existing and new programs. More info…

FL – Clearwater
Director of Contemporary Worship
First United Methodist Church of Clearwater, Florida is seeking applicants for the position of Director of Contemporary Worship (DCW).  Applicants must have a deep love for Christ and a desire to express his or her faith leading worship in a contemporary format.  Experience in leading a praise band and leading worship is required.  Two job descriptions are attached in that this position can be either full time or part time depending on the gifts and circumstances of the applicant.  If full time the applicant must be able to pair this ministry with leadership of another needed ministry within the church (e.g. Evangelism, Childrens Ministries, etc.). More info…

IL – Wheaton
Director of Worship
First Baptist Wheaton (located in a suburb of Chicago) is seeking a full-timeDirector of Worship to engage and lead by challenging, motivating, and guiding the congregation in their fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism journey through creative means of worship. The Director of Worship is responsible for leading worship, developing worship teams, planning long-term worship objectives and coordinating worship services with the Senior Pastor and the Director of Communications & Technology. They will perform vocally and/or instrumentally as a worship leader in our two Sunday morning worship services. Candidate must have two years of experience and be comfortable with both traditional and contemporary worship, managing a budget, and administering a large roster of volunteers. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. More info…

MD – Leonardtown, MD
Worship Pastor
SouthPoint Church is a growing (avg attendance ~1000), non-denominational church in Leonardtown, MD.  Located about an hour south of DC, this Chesapeake Bay community offers the best of suburban life with a small-town feel. The music ministry is an integral part of the Sunday morning experience and is valued as more than simply the warm-up act for the message. The purpose of the worship team is to “engage a diverse church to engage God through musical worship.” SouthPoint embraces variety in worship and sets freely move between Hillsong, Israel Houghton, Jesus Culture, William McDowell, and revised hymns. More info…

High School Director
We’re looking for a high school director who will pour into the lives of students. Create genuine biblical community that transforms students into fully-devoted followers of Jesus. Must have proven experience in leadership, building teams, vision casting and excellent communication skills. Undergraduate degree in related field preferred.  Two or more years of a proven track record leading high school students in a church of 2,000 + is preferred. Experience in executing a weekly creative environment is required.  Training in leadership and management helpful. Must be able to develop, implement and oversee biblically-based, relevant, engaging and attractional programming for high school students. Build relationships with students throughout the week and establish ongoing presence at major high school campuses. Organize & plan camps, retreats, local & overseas missions experience with current partnerships. Aggressively pursuing personal, spiritual & professional growth. Must have affinity with Kensington Leadership and affirm mission, vision & values of Kensington Church.  More info…

MN – Little Canada
Men’s Discipleship & Leadership Facilitator
Discipling and developing men into leaders of undeniable conviction. To advance the mission of RESOLUTE. This position has full facilitator responsibilities as it relates to Cohorts and the administration of the full mission of RESOLUTE. More info…

NJ – Pompton Plains, NJ
Worship Leader
Cornerstone Church in Pompton Plains NJ is in search of an intern to fill a part time position as a director for their music team.  This is a great opportunity to join the leadership of a growing church replant and provide creative and artistic vision through the further development of our contemporary/progressive musical expression.  We are seeking someone who is passionate, responsible, and teachable.  He/she must be someone who loves Jesus, loves his church and has a desire to see churches planted through making disciples whose lives are transformed by the Gospel. More info…

NV – Henderson
Worship Pastor
We are a growing church in Henderson, Nevada. We are connected with a Christian school and so this position could potentially be closer to full time if the applicant was willing to work in the school as well. More info…

NV – Las Vegas
Spanish Ministries Pastor
Freedom Life Grace Church is a new church launching on September 20th in Las Vegas, NV. Our mission is to create engaging environments where people who may feel far from God can learn, trust and follow Jesus. We are looking for passionate people that want to be a part of what God is doing in Las Vegas. If you are interested in making a difference and finding your life’s calling, you may want to consider joining our launch team. We believe that being a part of what God is doing is a calling, it’s a privilege. And above all, it’s a chance to be empowered.  More info…

Youth Pastor
We are looking for a full-time youth pastor with experience leading middle school, high school, and college age students. An energetic and passionate person/couple who love God, love people, and desire to impact a church and community for Christ. We are located in Dallas, Oregon approximately 12 miles outside the capital city of Salem and 45-minutes from the Oregon Coast. Dallas is the seat for Polk county. The population of our city is approximately 15,000 (including surrounding areas over 35,000). We are a church with an average Sunday morning attendance of 225. More info…

PA – Beaver Falls
Pastor/Director of Family Life and Worship
Seminary or equivalent degree preferred. 3-5 years lay or professional ministry experience preferred. Gifts of Leadership, Administration, Teaching, and Evangelism. Excellent relational and interpersonal communication skills. Excellent verbal and written skills.  Agrees with the theology and polity of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and CAC bylaws. Willing to enter the Licensing and Ordination process with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. More info…

PA – Pittsburg
Bible Baptist Church of Pittsburgh is seeking a Pastor. Our current pastor is retiring after over 20 years of ministry in our church. We are an independent, fundamental Baptist church of about 40 members in the Pittsburgh suburb of Scott Township. We are a strong bible-believing church which worships God in a traditional worship service with sacred music. We seek a pastor with at least a bachelor’s degree from a Bible College and three years of pastoral experience who will provide strong leadership and a bold vision. More info…

TX – Corpus Christi
Pastor of Worship
Trinity Church of the Nazarene is a church in Corpus Christi, TX located minutes from the various beaches around the city. We are located in a great area of Corpus and have a great opportunity for growth. We currently run around 45 for Sunday worship. We are looking for someone who can successfully lead our congregation into a place in which they experience and encounter the presence of the Holy Spirit. This would be a volunteer position. More info…

TX – Frisco
Children’s Pastor
Hope Fellowship is a multi-site Church with campuses in Frisco and McKinney Tx.  Hope is looking for someone to lead the Adventure Kidz ministry on our Frisco East Campus. This position will lead all areas of Children’s Ministry from birth to fifth grade on the campus; overseeing the Early Childhood staff as well as coordinating and ministering to the elementary kids during weekend services. If you are passionate about training the next generation, have experience as a Children’s Pastor, are a high capacity, self motivated leader who can rally a team of staff and volunteers to make a difference in the lives of over 900 children each weekend, we want to talk to you. More info…

TX – Justin
Associate Student Minister
To serve as an associate minister, alongside Senior Student Pastor, to teenagers in 7th through 12th grades. POSITION HOURS: Salaried. Part-time, including Sundays, Wednesday nights, a few days a week in office, as well as other times as required by ministry schedule (occasional weekends, etc.). Summer availability a necessity. Average week would be approximately 25 hours a week. More info…

VA – Fairfax
Youth Director
Full-time Youth Director—Fairfax United Methodist Church in Fairfax, Virginia a suburb of Washington D.C., is seeking a faith-filled individual to foster the spiritual growth of the youth of our congregation and community. This is a growing and multi-faceted ministry that includes mission trips, drama, fellowship, music, and spiritual growth thru study. We desire an experienced candidate who exhibits spiritual leadership, maturity and poses good communication as well as organizational skills.  Candidate should have an understanding of United Methodist faith and practice. Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience and qualifications. More info…

VA – Virginia Beach
Youth Director
Courthouse Community United Methodist Church (CCUMC) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is seeking a person to direct a large, active and mission focused team of youth and adult volunteers who desire to grow deeper in relationship with Christ and the world. This ministry actively supports the vision and goals of CCUMC to “transform the world” and impact the community with the love of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through large group and small group experiences at the church as well as regular outreach to the most vulnerable in the region and across the country. More info…

WA – Kennewick
Children’s Pastor/Director
The Living Room Community Church was planted in January of 2007. The church is a non-denominational Christian church. We have grown to a weekly atendance of 700 – 1000. We are driven by the passion that we have, to share the great news of Jesus with as many people as possible using culturally, creative and contextual ways. We love what we do and are seeking staff members that are passionate, self-starters and are hungry to help us discover the depth of God’s calling for loving and serving the families and children of our community. More info…

WI – Racine
Associate/Worship Pastor
Harbor Rock Tabernacle is looking for an Associate Pastor to help prayerfully lead and spiritually guide our congregation to love and praise the Lord.  He will do this by having a humble, Godly character, and will provide primary pastoral oversight of all aspects of the Worship and Tech Ministry, by giving leadership in the worship services, by training and developing people, and by expanding the growth of Worship Ministry. He will also have primary responsibility for church administration.  In cooperation with the Senior Pastor and Elders he will set up administrative systems necessary to advance the church’s mission as well as specific ministry priorities set by the Senior Pastor and Elders. As is necessary in a small growing church, he will also be called upon to use his gifts in other areas of ministry as needed. More info…

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Stupid Things Leaders Say When They’re Trying to Initiate Change in Churches

I love this.

It’s from Carey Nieuwhof (who write some great things, by the way… follow him).

These are seven stupid things that leaders say when their trying to lead change.  These hurt your cause, not help it.

I’ll list them here… head over to Carey’s site for some additional commentary and insight.

Here we go:

1.  These changes are great. I can’t understand why you don’t like them.

2.  God told me this is what we should do.

3.  We’ve got this all figured out.  Just trust me.

4.  What happened in the past is completely irrelevant… focus on the future.

5.  Everyone just needs to get on board right now.

6.  I know people are leaving… who cares?

7.  This is a bullet-proof plan.

I’ve heard all of these at one time or another.  Sometimes they are not public, but are rather batted around at the staff/leadership level.

But word gets out.

And your attitude shines much louder than what you are or are not saying publicly.

Have YOU said any of these stupid things before when leading change?

How’d that work out for you?


Would love to hear your comments!


Monday Mornings are prime-time for wimpy pastors

Do you love Mondays?

If you’re like most leaders, you either love them or loathe them. Either you can’t wait to get in the office, or you wish you could stay in bed for a few more hours.

As a pastor, it’s easy to base your Monday morning on what happened yesterday.  Did you have a good Sunday? Did God show up at your services?  Did you get an anonymous note that pummeled you into a bad mood?

Well, it’s Monday… time to get going. I hope you’re excited.

My friend Brad Lomenick gives some great advice for getting started on a Monday morning, or any time really.  He says these are ways that you can stop being a wimpy leader.  I would add that these are great ways to kick-start your motivation level as you start the week.

You see… Monday is an easy day for wimpy pastors.  In fact, a wimpy Monday morning leader will accomplish little, and probably go home at the end of the day no better off than when they unlocked their office door.

Don’t be a wimpy leader today.

Let’s get going:

1.  Set some scary standards. Brad suggests you set a goal that is nearly unattainable.  It should scare you just a little.  Maybe it’s a few phone calls you need to make that you’ve been putting off.  You know what it is (primarily BECAUSE it scares you).  Set that goal.  Accomplish that thing today or this week. Grab it by the (insert whatever you want here) and take it down.

2.  Allow for failure.  Sometimes you will fail… even on Monday mornings.  That’s ok.  In fact, allow for it.  Failure is sometimes the only road to success.  Sometimes you have to find out what doesn’t work before you can find out what does.

3.  Make some decisions. Today. Get off the fence and make some kind of decision today. Start small if you need to.  But wimpy leaders don’t make decisions.  Especially this morning.

4. Reward innovation.  This comes out of #2 to be honest.  Much innovation comes out of persistent failure.  When you or someone on your staff pushes through and innovations, have a little party.

5.  Pursue the right opportunities.  Right now.  Should you read another blog (after this one) or make a lunch appointment with a key leader?  Should you do something comfortable and fun, or write a thank you note?  Do something today that will make a difference tomorrow.

6. Learn to delegate.  You can’t do it all.  You have to trust others to help carry on the vision.  If you don’t, you’re the ultimate wimpy leader… you’ll be stuck where you are for a long while, spinning your wheels, wondering why you’re not going anywhere.

So… will you be a BOLD or WIMPY leader today?

How are you doing so far?


PS – Read more from Brad here

I’m not sure I get it…

This just in in ‘entertainment’ news:

Would you go see this movie? It’s called “Believe Me”:

In BELIEVE ME, Sam Atwell (Russell) stands on the stage as thousands of fans go wild.  Smart, charismatic, handsome, he moves them with his message, and when he calls for donations to his charity, the money pours in. And by the way, Sam doesn’t believe a word he’s saying. Just months earlier he was a typical college senior focused on keg stands, hookups and graduating. But a surprise tuition bill threatens his dream of law school and leaves him thousands of dollars in the hole. Convincing his three roommates they can make a killing exploiting the gullible church crowd, they start a sham charity and begin campaigning across the country, raising funds for a cause as fake as their message. But Sam’s got girl problems. He cares about Callie, the tour manager, who actually believes what he’s saying. When Callie discovers where the money is going, it’s Sam’s moment of truth.On the final night of the tour, before a packed auditorium but alone in the spotlight, it’s time for Sam Atwell to figure out what he really believes.

Here’s the short movie trailer:

Head Scratcher:  This film features Lecrea.

It’s clearly satire.  But I’m not sure from which camp the satire comes.  Actually, I’d be pretty sure… until I saw it featured Lecrea.

What do you think?

1.  Will this film be funny?

2.  Is satiring what many non-believers really think of the church a good thing for the church in any way?

3. Would you go watch this film?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!



100% Money Back Tithe Guarantee

Ed Young is breaking new ground again.

No… it’s not another sexperiment. (Thankfully.  That last one was out of sight!)

(I do want to take a break here and thank Ed for allowing me the ability to write the best headline of my life)

And it’s not the Kingdom Kit. (aka ‘murse’). Again, thankfully.

This time, Ed is introducing the 90 day challenge on tithing. While he’s not the first to do so, he’s getting a lot of attention because he’s Ed Young.

Here’s the promise:  ”If you tithe for 90 days and God doesn’t hold true to his promise of blessings, we will refund 100% of your tithe.”

I’ve not heard how this has gone at a couple of other big churches that have tried it.  Did they return anyone’s money?

What do you think?  Good idea?  Bad idea?

My initial thoughts… much better than the Kingdom Kit; not as sexy as the sexperiment.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


Church’s Bankruptcy is Such a Blessing

As you may know… I am somewhat a connoisseur of Christian press releases.

Some Christian press releases are just chock-full of CS (that’s the politically Christian term for BS, by the way). And this press release I saw yesterday is a great example of how you can spin anything.

The title of the press release is called ‘Without Walls’ Church Bankruptcy Creates Blessings.

(You may remember Without Walls as the Randy and Paula White one-time megachurch in Lakeland, FL… Formerly Carpenter’s Home Church). The place has a pretty storied history (so much so that there’s not enough room in this blog post to hold it all).

But the title interested me… could a church bankruptcy actually be a blessing?

Well… yes, I guess.  At least for the Licensed Real Estate Broker that his handling the auction of the property (and the writing of this press release).  Here’s how they start:

“The Without Walls International Church bankruptcy provides an opportunity for blessing for the church and commercial real estate buyers. The bankruptcy will jettison debt for the church, allowing them to focus on their core mission of serving their members and the community. Additionally, the bankruptcy auction, conducted by Tranzon Driggers, will provide a blessing to buyers seeking to purchase two of the church’s prime commercial properties in Lakeland and Tampa.”

So, the real blessing here… real estate buyers in Lakeland.  And the real estate company.  And the church.

Wait… the church?

Who knew that bankruptcy could be such a blessing?

For some pastors in the Lakeland community, seeing Without Walls lose it’s influence (or at least the brand type of Christianity they marketed) is not an entirely bad thing for the community.  Yet it’s another black-eye in that local community of Christianity gone bad.

But to say that a church bankruptcy is a blessing seems a bit weird to me.

Do you think a church bankruptcy could ever be a blessing?

Here’s the full press release.


PS – In an ironic ministry, Without Walls International Church prominently features their Business Concepts Networking group.  Here’s the description:  Do you own or operate your own business? Would you like to? Do you have a business idea? Then join our Business Concepts Networking group and let us help to develop and maintain the building blocks needed to encourage the growth of your company. See what others are doing and how your expertise may help.

When sons and daughters come out of the closet…

I have four kids. None of which are gay.

But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought throughout the years what I would do if one of my children sat my wife and I down one day and gave us the news that they were gay.

How would I respond?

More and more pastors and church leaders are having children ‘come out of the closet’.  In fact, I’ve heard more and more stories of this happening in just the last few weeks.

Of  course the biggest story came right as the SBC got ready for their annual meeting. Pastor Danny Cortez leads a Southern Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA. The table was a little turned for Cortez.  He actually changed his views on homosexuality and told his church the he no longer believed in the ‘traditional teachings regarding homosexuality.” Shortly thereafter, his 15 year-old son declared that he is gay.

Other pastors have also had to deal with how to deal with a gay son or daughter, brother or sister, friend, family member, or even staff member.

John MacArthur has his advice for all of us if this should ever happen to us:

(Ironically, the “Grace to You” logo is over his shoulder while he gives his advice)

In another article hitting the interwebs the same day, Larry Tomczak encourages a little softer approach that doesn’t include disassociating yourself with them (although I’m not sure how this script he gives would go over… it may have the same effect):

“My son/daughter, we love you more than you can imagine, and God allowed us as a couple to unite in a procreative act that brought you into this world. Your thinking is totally unacceptable to God and us. It dishonors our Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to save us from our sins. It is contradictory to His eternal plan for marriage, which has been upheld for over 5,000 years of human history. Therefore this ‘coming out’ needs to be a coming out of deception and, like the prodigal son, returning to the God and Father who created you, loves you and has a wonderful destiny for your life. Have we made ourselves perfectly clear?” (link here)

So… how would you deal with a son or daughter who comes out as gay?

Or… how did you respond when your child came out as gay?

Would you Matthew 18 them? Would it cause you to change your thinking about gays? Would it make you reconsider your theology?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


Oh, they tell me of an unclouded day…

Two of my essential internet services have suffered outages this past week.

First, Google Drive went down for nearly an hour last week.  It was like a sign of the apocalypse if you read the tweets during the outage. Never mind that the service if totally free for most users, the fact that you could not access your documents was maddening even to the most mild-mannered interwebs users (that would be me).

Today, Feedly is down… supposedly due to a mass DDoS attack, and that the perpetrators are saying they won’t stop the attack unless Feedly pays them a ton of money (ransom, I think they call it). Feedly has said no, and the site is still down this morning (keeping me from all the great content I wanted to blog about… that’s why you’re reading this!)

But my thoughts have turned to this.

When parts of the ‘cloud’ go down, even for a few minutes, people start to panic.  They start biting their nails and jumping off buildings.

But what would happen if your church stopped existing?  And we’ll give you the luxury of closing down for a week.

Let’s be honest.  It’s Wednesday.  If your church closed up shop, how many people would even know about it before Sunday (unless you posted it on Facebook)?

What kind of uproar would there be in your town, city, region if you just closed up shop and called it a day?

Would people be sad? upset?  Would people even notice?

Is your church making enough of a difference in people’s lives that they would notice?

Here’s what I think would happen in many churches (though probably not yours) if they shut down today… Wednesday, June 11, 2014.

No one would notice.

And when people arrive at the building on Sunday morning (four days from now) and find a sign on the door that there would be no services this week, many people would lament that they could have slept in longer.

Question is… how is your church helping transform the lives of people TODAY?

Tell the truth… if your church went offline, if your cloud failed, who would notice today? Who would be sad?  Who would be outraged?

The moral of the story:  Make them notice.  Make a difference.

I’m so thankful for thousands of churches that do this each and every day. You are doing God’s work… and you are appreciated. You are making a difference.  You are winning the game.  Heaven is a bigger place because of you.

Don’t lose your focus today. Keep on, my friend.


The 6 Hour Staff Meeting That Turned into 12 Years

Yesterday, I wrote a post about overconfident church leaders.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.48.14 AMI cannot think of a better example (please excuse me for naming names) than Jack Schaap.

Schaap is the former pastor of First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN… a HUGE church grown over the years by his father-in-law (the also cocky) Jack Hyles.

Both of these leaders never had their ‘kabaragoya’ moment.

Jack can be a poster child for what happens when a church leader gets overconfident.  (I said yesterday, that over-confidence’s twin siblings are manipulation and intimidation.  Both are at play here as well).

Overconfidence leads to arrogance and sin.

Schaap was sentenced last year to twelve years in jail for transporting an underage girl across state lines to have sex with her.

Now, Schaap’s attorney’s are asking for the sentence to be lightened or thrown out.  Their reasoning: They think the sentence is harsh; and that, if the truth be told, the young girl did have ‘extensive sexual experience’ and was ‘sexually aggressive’ toward the pastor.  I mean… who could resist?

When sentenced, the judge gave Schaap more than the minimum sentence.  And here’s why:

Schaap called a staff meeting at the church after word leaked of his relationship with the girl.  The meeting lasted SIX HOURS. During the meeting, Schaap denied any wrongdoing and talked to his staff about loyalty. Schaap also fired a staff member who brought some of the initial information to light.

That six hour confidence, manipulation, and intimidation meeting turned into a 12 year sentence for Schaap.

What was going on in Schaap’s head in that meeting?  Firing someone he knew was telling the truth.  Manipulating his staff.  Lying overtly and categorically. And pointing the finger questioning loyalty, when he knew all along he was the one being disloyal to his family, church, and Lord.

This is very powerful lesson in the power of sin; and lack of accountability.

When was the last time someone disagreed with you?  Did you automatically question their loyalty?  Did you make them feel like they were not a part of the team because of the disagreement? Watch out.

Have you found yourself telling little fibs here and there to make yourself look better?

Do you engage or distance people that are in legitimate places to hold you accountable?

Be very careful.

Overconfidence is a killer. While your sentence may not be 12 years, it will be significant if you don’t take steps now to correct it.


Read more here…

Overconfident Church Leaders and Kabaragoya

Ahhhh… confidence.

It’s a great quality to have as a church leader. In fact, Hebrews 10:35 says that you should not “throw away your confidence, which has great reward.”

But I’ve seen more than a few ‘over-confident’ church leaders in my day.

Cocky.  Arrogent.  Egotistical. Confidence on steroids.

Have you ever fallen into this trap?

You think you know exactly how to do something as a leader.  In fact, it may be a cinch.  At least that’s what you think, until it slaps you in the face.

See this example, and see if you can sympathize:

You think… ‘this is an easy one… I could do this in my sleep’.

Later you wake up to find out to find out that just wasn’t true.  You botched it. Bigtime.

Many young leaders, after a couple of small victories, feel invincible.

Then, the ‘kabaragoya’ happens.

It’s like someone threw ice water in your face.

It’s humiliating.

And necessary.

Because if you don’t have a few kabaragoya moments in your leadership life, you will grow into a leader that is consistently over-confident.  And over-confidence often brings it’s twin siblings along: manipulation and intimidation. (both of which are deadly as a church leader).

So… what was your ‘kabaragoya moment’?

How do you maintain the proper level of confidence as a leader without falling into the trap of over-confidence?

Think about it.



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