Pope Francis Remembers Reformation with Lutherans

As Catholics and Lutherans remember the rift between the Catholic Church and the Protestant reformers that occurred in 1517, nearly 500 years ago, Pope Francis has reached out to Lutherans. Francis has visited Lutheran churches in Sweden in order to participate in the kickoff of a yearlong commemoration, acknowledging that the Catholic Church at the 

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Younger Evangelicals Shifting Away from Older Leaders

Research into the rift between older and younger evangelicals has found that the institutions that have equipped younger evangelicals to critically study the Bible and more diverse coalitions such as the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference has led to greater concern about justice issues. As younger evangelicals expand their circle of concerns, they have distanced 

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Dallas Seminary Course Trains Pastors to Spot and Prevent Child Abuse

Lawyers Kimberlee Norris and Gregory Love have spent 20 years litigating child sexual assault cases, and they are now bringing their expertise to Dallas Theological Seminary for a one hour course that will be required for all students studying for ministry. The course will certify pastors with the training they need to spot sexual predators 

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How Do Those Outside the Faith See Christianity?

An analysis of contemporary society notes that the Christian faith has been viewed with suspicion and disinterest by those outside the church because of the influence of movements such as individualism and materialism. However, there are other ways of thinking that we often overlook that remain important, such as a “discontinuity” approach to history where 

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Global Awareness and Spontaneity Part of 2017 Trends

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Baptist After School Program Meets Critical Need

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Digital Giving on the Rise for Churches in 2016

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