Black and White Churches Merge in Midst of Racial Tension

Two days before Charlotte, NC experienced protests over the killing of Keith Lamont Scott, two congregations announced an important merger. The Refuge, a predominantly white congregation with multiple locations announced that it would merge with the House of Refuge, a predominantly black congregation. The new merger congregation will be called the Refuge of Greensboro. Click 

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Hillsong Documentary Offers Outside Perspective

Michael John Warren, 43, is known for his documentaries about Jay-Z and other music celebrities, but his latest project, called Let Hope Rise, documents the rise of the Hillsong United movement that is connected with the Hillsong church in Australia and now boasts congregations all over the world. The documentary follows HIllsong’s worship leaders as they play contemporary rock-style praise songs that have been praised by music reviewers for their quality. Click here to get the full story. Want stories like this and more delivered to your inbox each week? Go here to order your next four issues for just $1! Why this story matters for church leaders: Whatever you think about the worship music shared by Hillsong, this documentary picks up some important notes about ministry today. People Notice: Hillsong’s music has resonated with so many because it has been tested by experts who note that their songs are high quality. Problems with the Medium?Are there challenges, problems, or contradictions with the Hillsong approach to worship in stadium settings? Connecting with Music:There’s no doubt that people may connect with music rather than a sermon, and that could tell us important things about ways to move forward with outreach. How did this article impact your thoughts about Hillsong? Find this story interesting?  It’s just one of dozens of stories great leaders are reading about this week 

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