Over 500 Sign Petition to Bring Back Perry Noble

Former NewSpring Church pastor Perry Noble was removed on July 1st due to his struggles with alcohol abuse. However, over 500 members of his church have signed a petition to bring him back. The petition soon stalled out and was closed. Noble commented that he is focusing on getting better and serving his family.

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Why this story matters for church leaders:

Even after the leaders of NewSpring Church made the difficult decision to remove pastor Perry Noble from ministry due to his drinking problems, a small segment of the congregation still wasn’t happy with this difficult decision.

  • There’s Always Dissent: Even a decision about removing a pastor who abuses alcohol will be met with opposition and counter-measures at times.
  • Stay the Course: Church leaders made a difficult decision and didn’t allow resistance to change their course toward moving their church into a healthier place with its leadership.
  • Pastors Need Rest Too: Noble appears grateful to have a time of rest from the ministry, even if the circumstances were very difficult.

How can you help struggling pastors before they go too far with alcohol or other substances?

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