Our Take: Walking away from church conflict

So… you have conflict in your church.

When should you stay and fight?

When should you leave?

What issues are big enough to leave over?

These are some pretty big questions.

Here is Matt Steen and my response to this Joe McKeever article on whether or not it’s better, at least in some instances, that we are ok with being wronged…

What do YOU think?


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  • Steve Miller December 11, 2012 Reply

    We should absorb any personally directed conflict to the best of our ability, turn it over to God and ask that ultimately His will be done. This is not trite advice, consider Paul in prison as he wrote the 1st chapter of Philippians (v.15-19) and praised the advance of the Gospel at the expense of his reputation. Paul was wronged but only saw opportunity for the Gospel and God’s Kingdom; what a profound model for us to follow!
    We also must be careful not to refuse to confront disputes or quarrels out of cowardice. It is not loving to ignore a dispute which threatens others’ spiritual health; at times saying nothing is the selfish response. We must out of love take our personal motivations to the Lord for His refinement so we may act in a Christ-like manner as we confront and correct problems in the church.

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