Oral Roberts gay grandson speaks out

Many people don’t know it, but one of Oral Roberts sons was a homosexual and eventually took his own life.  Now, his nephew, Oral Robert’s grandson, who is also gay, has made a video about his uncle and his current view on life.

Take a look here.  [profanity alert]

I’ve said for a long time that homosexuality will be one of the (if not THE) major social issue the church will deal with in the next decade.  Just in the past few weeks, I’ve heard new allegations of bullying by the church of homosexuals (bullying is the new politically correct buzzword, I guess).

If you watched the video… what do YOU think?

What would you say to Oral Roberts grandson?

And what would you say to Oral Roberts son?


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  • Leonard November 8, 2010 Reply

    Hey Todd, thank for posting this today. I also believe one of the most significant issues the church will face is this issue.

    What makes facing this issue so difficult is that the parameters have already been shaped. I often feel like I am dealing with an issue by going backwards before I can go forward. I often feel like I owe an apology to many people for the hatred that hurt them before I can speak the grace and truth that heals.

    On the other side, the homosexual side, these parameters have also been set. “I will not go to hell for loving someone” “I was born this way” “God made me this way” and many more phrases means that when I enter the relationship or speak the message of life, hope, forgiveness and repentance I am speaking and sharing Christ in a severely slanted world.

    We have made issues out of what is not an issue, because the real issue is difficult and painful to deal with. It is not about loving another person, it is about the love of God… It transforms!

    The current movement of “anti-bullying” we see taking place is actually making a triumphant victim out of homosexuals. Again, changing the parameters in which this conversation is being had.

    I found myself sad as I watched this video. Sad because of the pain, sad because of loss and sad because I know there are many people out there who will watch is and attach their pain to it and become a victim of someone whom they are not victims.

    Homosexuals are not the victim of the church. They are not the victim of bible believing people. They are, in one very real sense a victim of their sin and satan. That being said, homosexuals have been harmed by the tactics of some bible believing churches and people. What is wild is that people make heroes out of triumphant victims. Again, this alters the parameters in which we have these conversations.

  • Peter Hamm November 8, 2010 Reply




  • Danny November 8, 2010 Reply

    Great word Leonard. Thanks for sharing that truth brother!

  • Barb November 8, 2010 Reply

    You asked after watching the video, what do I think. First, from a video I thought it was boring to watch. The Church has her work cut out for her. We must stand firm on the issue and yet not come across as bullying. However, it seems that bullying is now defined as disagreeing with the lifestyle and teaching the truth. I speak this as a woman who has a close family member who is gay. We are close but I still stand firm in my belief about the eternal consequences of the lifestyle.

  • Roger Lewis November 8, 2010 Reply

    The problem is that anything we say is bullying if we don’t agree with them. We are not allowed to disagree. Homosexuality is sin pure and simple. The Bible is clear. It can be twisted and shaped to say what they want, but it simply doesn’t change the truth that this is sin just as adultery and murder are sin. If that is bullying, I’m sorry.

  • Todd Leupold November 8, 2010 Reply

    very well said, Leonard.

  • Christopher Fontenot November 9, 2010 Reply

    Question: “Will we compromise the Word of God to please man?” This is what will have to happen in order to keep from offending homosexuals.

    On a personal level, when I witness to homosexuals, I avoid the issue all together. A homosexual is guilty before God despite his/her lifestyle choice because of the Law. If I dare let the conversation devolve to just being about homosexuality, I will lose them entirely. But if we bring the mirror of God’s Law before them and in the conviction of that sin, they might be broken before God. When God changes the humble, He changes them completely.

    As the Body of Christ, however, we must continue to stand on God’s truth and teach what it teaches to the congregation. But our convictions must be tempered with compassion for homosexuality is no greater a sin than lying.

  • Ronnie November 9, 2010 Reply

    Christians are constantly being challenged even in Malaysia by one gay pastor, being given a platform in a famous online news portal here. More and more, churches and pastors are being discriminated by them as hateful and cold towards them. I think both sides are hurting – and most of all God is hurting! Let us continue to love everyone but stand firm on the Word of God! That would be the best! Let God settle the rest!

  • Leonard November 9, 2010 Reply

    One issue is that the voice most associated with this issue coming from the church is so shrill. Shouting sinner at someone and then blaming their offense on the conviction of the Holy Spirit is, for lack of a better word, stupid. Their offense is simply and quite often irritation at the shrillness of our voice.

    Very often people assume that truth hurts is in the bible. The bible tells us truth frees, truth in love is our approach and that Jesus is truth. Faithful are the wounds of a friend is not intended to justify strangers yelling sinner.

    I hear people justify rudeness to others with “I love them enough to hurt them by telling them the truth.” We are many times not loving them but rather just hurting them with the truth. If you love someone enough to hurt them with he truth then doesn’t it make sense that you should love them enough to bless them with the truth?

    One more thought – All sins are NOT the same. When we say this we defy scripture and common sense. All sins earn the same wage… death, but the bible teaches that some sins are different. They seem to irritate God more than others. Some sins cut a bigger swath of human destruction and harm. Some sins leave scars on the soul that others do not.

    Sexual sins fall into this category.

  • Ronnie November 9, 2010 Reply

    Leonard said, “I hear people justify rudeness to others with “I love them enough to hurt them by telling them the truth.” We are many times not loving them but rather just hurting them with the truth. If you love someone enough to hurt them with he truth then doesn’t it make sense that you should love them enough to bless them with the truth?”

    Brilliantly put!

  • rbud November 10, 2010 Reply

    The commentary here is curious to me, even the more eloquent statements. “What would you say to Oral Roberts’ grandson?” That voice is curiously silent. “What would you say to Oral Roberts’ son?” That voice is too late, and still silent.

    Frankly, my heart goes out to this young man. His pain and frustration seems genuine enough, even if his video is boring, as someone wrote. It seems clear to me that, despite his coming out and realization of himself as a gay man, he still is highly conflicted between the person he feels he must be to please those he must love, and the person he fears he is, the person he has resigned to be without choice, the person he has been taught is condemned because of something not of his making. How unfair to him. He fights a battle he lost before he started. And sadly enough, he fights without the love and support of family and church.

    I would say to him, take heart; Christ loves you as you are, as you were, and as you will be, and live a life that follows Christ first. That life may not be in an evangelical church, or the church of his grandfather’s making, and likely is not.

    I suppose I get a little frustrated myself when I see Christian folks who are committed to making themselves feel justified by condemning others. That should not be our role as Christians, and there’s no excuse for berating others as a means of standing firm on our own ground. Like the playground bully, many Christians feel compulsed to bully those not like themselves, or those not offering them praise for their wonderful goodnesses. Bully, indeed.

    And, where does the Bible say that sexual sin is worse than other sin? Jesus didn’t condemn sexual sin, did He? He didn’t condemn the harlot, in fact, He specifically said that He did not. He did, on the other hand, condemn arrogance, hatred and legalism, so brilliantly displayed by the religious leaders of the day. That ought to give somebody some pause to thought.

    And curious, too, that the sin most often mentioned in the Bible as the sin God hates, is not sexual sin, but arrogance. Count them for yourselves.

    The fact is, church is institutionalized homophobia. In many churches I’ve seen, they would much more quickly forgive murder or multiple adultery than a homosexual act. I find that troublesome, and inconsistent with both the spirit and the letter of the New Testament. Am I trying to justify homosexualism? No, certainly not, but I will not give credit to bullying, hate-mongering or arrogance, either, whether about gays or anyone else. The rest of you, go preach your love sermons, then ask Mr. Roberts if he feels more loved than before. No point in making the self-righteous feel any better about themselves, they seem to feel righteous enough already.

  • Ronnie November 10, 2010 Reply

    Dear RBUD, I think your last few words swept too wide and slapped everyone (straight Christians and churches) in the face. I believe it takes both hands to clap! There are many pastors and churches who still genuinely love everyone regardless as how God loves people.The homosexual issue will always be a contentious issue until Jesus comes!

    As we fight bullying (which I too hated), we must also look at the broader picture of how the sanctity of God’s Word be proclaimed to this broken world!

  • Leonard November 10, 2010 Reply

    Rbud, I appreciate the heart of your word but disagree with some of them. The church is not institutionalized homophobia. To believe homosexuality is wrong and to teach this is not homophobia. This is exactly what I mean by changing the parameters. Labeling disagreement or biblical teaching as homophobic is not accurate. If I misunderstood what you meant forgive me.

    As for Jesus not condemning sexual sin, this is also a misdirection or changing the parameters. To assume Jesus did not condemn sexual sin based upon his treatment of sinners is not really a sound argument. He did not condemn the person, but the fact that he forgave the person reveals he felt the actions were sinful.

    Paul said that all other sins are outside the body but that sexual sins are against the body. He is saying the repercussions of sexual sin are different. The bible includes in several lists sexual sins as severe, the making of the list indicates this severity. When a person sins sexually the ripple effect tends to be much greater externally and internally. The power of sexual sins to ensnare a person is much different that many other sins.

    The message I would give him is one of freedom, forgiveness, hope and restoration. Those four words would require repentance. I would not yell this, I would speak this into his life as a friend. If he was open to this, he would find everything Christ offers. If he were not, he would miss what Christ offers.

    We have had several people in our church who are homosexual. We have loved, communicated, shared, prayed, laughed, sang and spoken truth lovingly. Each one, sadly walked away without repentance, but each one still has an open relationship with me and the doorway still remains open. We did not fail to speak truth, we did not fail to show love, and we pray to the only one who can transform a sinful heart (I am proof he can) that his kindness would draw these people to repentance.

  • Gary H November 10, 2010 Reply

    Jesus loves you and your uncle Ronnie just as much as anyone else. Your actions will not send you to hell – only rejecting Jesus will. He loves you. Don’t reject His love – it is beyond anything in this world. He has made a way for you through His own death. His forgiveness can change everything, set you free, and give you eternal hope. Trust Him. He is there for you when everything falls apart, He is there when everything seems together. Give it all to Him, He cares for you. He loves you just the way you are. Surrender all to Him. Don’t be afraid. Embrace His grace. Believe and receive.

  • GB November 10, 2010 Reply

    The problem for the Christian is when we take a stand on something such as homosexuality using scripture, we are bullying. Are they Christians who are very ugly about it? Yes. Is that sinful? Yes. But, I am tired of being called homophobic or bullying because I dare to say that homosexuality according to the Bible is sin. The reason we are not discussing other sins, which are sin in God’s sight, is because homosexuality is the sin we are asked to comment on. I do feel compassion for the young man. I have a brother who has lived a gay lifestyle for many years. We are VERY close. He knows I love him. He also knows that I believe homosexuality according to scripture is a sinful lifestyle. Do we discuss it everytime we are together? NO! Do I treat him and his partner any different than my other family? Absolutely not. I am neither homophobic nor a bully, but I refuse to compromise what I believe the Bible says.

  • xmhpt November 12, 2010 Reply

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  • eB November 13, 2010 Reply

    Thank you, Leonard, for those words.

  • Common sense July 25, 2011 Reply

    You’re all a bunch of snake-handling rubes who should be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Clap your hands and eat your possums while the rest of the nation progresses and joins the rest of the industrialized world.

  • Basil July 30, 2011 Reply

    Reading these comments is just depressing, with the possible exception of RBUD. I find the breadth of contempt for “homosexuals” to be simply amazing. First of all, we’re gay, or lesbian, or bisexual or transgendered — you can use gay as a shorthand. You only use the homosexual possibly in a medical context, if you are talking about “heterosexuality” vs “homosexuality” in some medical or psychiatric journal. But I’m guessing none of you here are psychiatrists, so knock it off. It’s not a disease, it’s not something to “cured”, it’s not a “lifestyle”, it’s just a trait, a physical trait that is, in the great scheme, about as significant as being tall, or having green eyes. You don’t refer to your African-American friends as “colored people” living a “negro lifestyle”. The first step to redemption is to treat others with the same respect with which you would want to be treated.

    Second, I think a modicum of humility about matters of faith might be in order. I love it when “Christians” speak with such certitude that the Bible of course condemns homosexuality. (See, we can use “quotes” too – it’s offensive isn’t it?). How many of you are fluent in ancient Hebrew, or Aramaic or Greek. How many of you can pick up a text, in its original language, and understand the connotation of the words you are reading? Are you well versed in the historical, anthropological, and cultural context of ancient Palestine, at the time the texts were written? When you are reading a text in ancient Hebrew, are you understanding that society, as tribal Semitic society in antiquity?

    I am a huge skeptic of literalism as an approach, but even setting that aside, the relevant question is this: are you really certain that you have the correct literal understanding of the text you have in front of you? There is a whole richness of meaning when you read the Bible (or any other sacred text) that comes from studying and understanding the historical context in which that text was written. But instead, what we have with so much of modern American Christianity is cherry picked passages, stripped of their cultural context of ancient Palestine and applied, badly, in 21st century America, to support questionable conclusions, chief among them, that homosexuality is a sin.

    What’s really tragic about all of this, is the inverted morality that results. This young man is castigated by his own family, his own parents, because he’s gay. How will God judge his parents for turning on their son? How does that square with the obligation of unconditional love? And that seems to be a non-issue here? Amazing! All I see in these comments is “I love the sinful homosexuals in spite of their lifestyle” — that’s not love. That’s contempt and it’s disrespect for God’s creation and the gay sons and daughters that are an integral part of it.

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