Oh, they tell me of an unclouded day…

Two of my essential internet services have suffered outages this past week.

First, Google Drive went down for nearly an hour last week.  It was like a sign of the apocalypse if you read the tweets during the outage. Never mind that the service if totally free for most users, the fact that you could not access your documents was maddening even to the most mild-mannered interwebs users (that would be me).

Today, Feedly is down… supposedly due to a mass DDoS attack, and that the perpetrators are saying they won’t stop the attack unless Feedly pays them a ton of money (ransom, I think they call it). Feedly has said no, and the site is still down this morning (keeping me from all the great content I wanted to blog about… that’s why you’re reading this!)

But my thoughts have turned to this.

When parts of the ‘cloud’ go down, even for a few minutes, people start to panic.  They start biting their nails and jumping off buildings.

But what would happen if your church stopped existing?  And we’ll give you the luxury of closing down for a week.

Let’s be honest.  It’s Wednesday.  If your church closed up shop, how many people would even know about it before Sunday (unless you posted it on Facebook)?

What kind of uproar would there be in your town, city, region if you just closed up shop and called it a day?

Would people be sad? upset?  Would people even notice?

Is your church making enough of a difference in people’s lives that they would notice?

Here’s what I think would happen in many churches (though probably not yours) if they shut down today… Wednesday, June 11, 2014.

No one would notice.

And when people arrive at the building on Sunday morning (four days from now) and find a sign on the door that there would be no services this week, many people would lament that they could have slept in longer.

Question is… how is your church helping transform the lives of people TODAY?

Tell the truth… if your church went offline, if your cloud failed, who would notice today? Who would be sad?  Who would be outraged?

The moral of the story:  Make them notice.  Make a difference.

I’m so thankful for thousands of churches that do this each and every day. You are doing God’s work… and you are appreciated. You are making a difference.  You are winning the game.  Heaven is a bigger place because of you.

Don’t lose your focus today. Keep on, my friend.



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