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No Ed… it’s a purse.

Ed Young wants to see you in a “Kingdom Kit”.

You know… a stylish man-bag that you can carry your Bible and laptop in.

I must be getting old.

Even though he says it’s not… it looks like a purse/murse to me.

Can I get an Amen?


6 Responses to “ “No Ed… it’s a purse.”

  1. Rod Gauthier says:

    Amen! A man bag by any other name…

  2. William says:

    Always love his comedy bits!

  3. isn’t that what attache cases are for?

  4. Brian says:

    really?? He is singlehandedly changing culture.

    • DA says:

      How? It takes many people to make a machine like his run. It’s amazing there are so many people out there who like his style. :)

  5. Fred says:


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