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Nascar Prayer

This one comes from my friend (and boss) Dave Travis, the ultimate NASCAR fan.  What do you think of this prayer?

11 Responses to “ “Nascar Prayer”

  1. Dan says:

    I think God likes humor but where’s the respect? I guess it wouldn’t bother me as much if it had been at a backyard cookout but not on the PA, televised for thousands to see. I don’t know that community but the clip was played by WGN which goes national.

    A problem some have is taking themselves too seriously. Not the problem here. Not much difference than if Steve Martin or Robin Williams had given the prayer. Better yet, see if Will Ferrell is available. I don’t think we need a pastor opening the race with prayer if it’s going to be a comedy sketch.

    I’m not trying to be ‘holier than thou’ but the prayer and responses strike me as weird and disturbing.

  2. Brian says:

    I loved the prayer! I will confess I am a huge NASCAR fan and maybe that helps. This guy had a stage, a moment, and left an impression with those fans that might stick better than the race since it was kind of lame! What better memory from a sporting event than to remember the prayer and that Christians (and us pastors) are real people who just love Jesus. Consider me “weird” and “disturbed” :-)

    Lead Pastor Brian

    • paul says:

      I never watch NASCAR and am not a fan… but I loved it. It was obviously meant to break down walls.

      • Tyler says:

        I would have to agree. I think that people can relate. I too, love fast cars, have a smokin-hot-wife, and a passionate love for Jesus. It is refreshing to see authenticity from pastors.

  3. Cliff says:

    Sounds like it’s primary concern was to make mention of the sponsorships…and then to tack on “in Jesus’ name.” I do think this could be used as a good discussion starter and dialogue about the nature of prayer. I don’t think that just because someone uses the words God or Jesus that it’s particularly the kind of praying that Jesus taught his disciples to be doing. I wasn’t offended by this prayer, just a little saddened at the commercialization of the Gospel. I suppose I should be considered unreal and irrelevant.

  4. steve miller says:

    I have to admit Nascar’s appeal baffles me.

    That being said I think it was a fun little prayer to help people remember not to take the sport so seriously, it is just entertainment, and Jesus was not a stick in the mud opposed to having a fun time.

  5. Matt says:

    I personally think it’s a smoking hot prayer.

  6. John R. says:

    God is Abba Father….daddy. How would you talk to your dad when you were so excited and thankful for what your dad gave you? Nothing wrong with it. Besides, the pastor was not talking to us…he was talking to his Father. Agree or disagree, the conversation was between two.

    • Cliff says:

      “the conversation was between two.”

      I wonder why he needed a microphone if it was just a believer being down-to-earth with his heavenly daddy? Don’t get me wrong. I thought he gave a very funny performance. And I think most everyone really enjoyed it. I just question if this is the way that Jesus taught his disciples to pray, that’s all.

  7. Pastor Steve says:

    I loved it! and anyone who thinks this was inappropriate… Go get a hobby!
    “Boogity,boogity,boogity lets go racing boys!” DW

  8. Erin says:

    It’s been “songified” by The Gregory Brothers:


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