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Whilest I was doing the previous post, I found this mugshot from John Maxwell from his episode with the law a few years ago.  Hadn’t seen this before… but thought you might enjoy it.

Moral of the story:  Remember to unpack your firearm before going to the airport.

And in case you’re wondering and are ready to send me a mean email about posting this… John actually posted it himself here.


One Response to “ “Mugshot”

  1. Pastor_Shane says:

    God keeps us humble…. I am just thankful God doesn’t see fit to make me famous and plaster my lapses in judgment on the internet…. “John, thanks for the example in humility, honesty, transparency, and for keeping a good attitude about the whole adventure”. God bless you


  1. butterbump aphthong brescian - surprising statistics * easily scannable * show... personality * link it up * edit and trim your posts * no-brainer call ...

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