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Mt. Juliet, TN Mayor Wants a Megachurch

A mid-state mayor has a bold vision: mixing church and state and business. The mayor of Mt. Juliet said he plans to actively recruit a mega-church to their city to attract more Sunday afternoon business.

“What a boom that would be to our retailers- to have 3,000 or more people exiting church at 12 noon and getting lunch at Providence, or shopping at Providence or going to a movie or spending their day in some other form in Mt. Juliet,” said Mayor Ed Hagerty.

The Mayor’s vision goes beyond building economic growth through a mega church. He said he wants to build on his town’s brand as a patriotic locale and make sure those visitors and passersby know where the residents in Mt. Juliet stand.

“If we are able to recruit a mega church to our community, if they would put up a huge cross then everyone driving through Mt. Juliet on the interstate would immediately know that we stand first and foremost for God and country,” he said.

As for questions about mixing church and state, Mayor Hagerty said no taxpayer money would be spent, and said he sees no conflict in his office pushing for a place of worship.


Mt. Juliet, TN:  about 17 minutes east of Nashville

Population:   23,671

Any takers?

Somehow… I think this will not be a good plan for the mayor.  I’m guessing he’ll get some backlash.  Kind of like when the mayor of Toledo, OH proposed providing housing for deaf people next to the airport.  Or when Fort Wayne, IN wanted to name a municipal building after a former mayor, Harry Baals (pronounced Balls).

One Response to “ “Mt. Juliet, TN Mayor Wants a Megachurch”

  1. Mt Juliet is the fastest growing area around Nashville. It’s just a matter of time before a church plants a satellite there or one grows up in the zip code. Many employees at Thomas Nelson and LifeWay have moved there in the last couple years.

    His comments do sound a little awkward … Very few churches plant interstate-billboard sized crosses in the area.

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