Monday Mornings are prime-time for wimpy pastors

Do you love Mondays?

If you’re like most leaders, you either love them or loathe them. Either you can’t wait to get in the office, or you wish you could stay in bed for a few more hours.

As a pastor, it’s easy to base your Monday morning on what happened yesterday.  Did you have a good Sunday? Did God show up at your services?  Did you get an anonymous note that pummeled you into a bad mood?

Well, it’s Monday… time to get going. I hope you’re excited.

My friend Brad Lomenick gives some great advice for getting started on a Monday morning, or any time really.  He says these are ways that you can stop being a wimpy leader.  I would add that these are great ways to kick-start your motivation level as you start the week.

You see… Monday is an easy day for wimpy pastors.  In fact, a wimpy Monday morning leader will accomplish little, and probably go home at the end of the day no better off than when they unlocked their office door.

Don’t be a wimpy leader today.

Let’s get going:

1.  Set some scary standards. Brad suggests you set a goal that is nearly unattainable.  It should scare you just a little.  Maybe it’s a few phone calls you need to make that you’ve been putting off.  You know what it is (primarily BECAUSE it scares you).  Set that goal.  Accomplish that thing today or this week. Grab it by the (insert whatever you want here) and take it down.

2.  Allow for failure.  Sometimes you will fail… even on Monday mornings.  That’s ok.  In fact, allow for it.  Failure is sometimes the only road to success.  Sometimes you have to find out what doesn’t work before you can find out what does.

3.  Make some decisions. Today. Get off the fence and make some kind of decision today. Start small if you need to.  But wimpy leaders don’t make decisions.  Especially this morning.

4. Reward innovation.  This comes out of #2 to be honest.  Much innovation comes out of persistent failure.  When you or someone on your staff pushes through and innovations, have a little party.

5.  Pursue the right opportunities.  Right now.  Should you read another blog (after this one) or make a lunch appointment with a key leader?  Should you do something comfortable and fun, or write a thank you note?  Do something today that will make a difference tomorrow.

6. Learn to delegate.  You can’t do it all.  You have to trust others to help carry on the vision.  If you don’t, you’re the ultimate wimpy leader… you’ll be stuck where you are for a long while, spinning your wheels, wondering why you’re not going anywhere.

So… will you be a BOLD or WIMPY leader today?

How are you doing so far?


PS – Read more from Brad here

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