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6 Ministry Resolutions to a Better 2016

Ministry resolutions are tough. Many pastors shy away from ‘extra-biblical’ New Year’s resolutions.

Don’t believe in New Year’s or ministry resolutions?  (Bah-humbug). The truth is, as Carey Nieuwhof points out… you are 42% more likely to do what you’d like to do if you simply write. it. down.
Carey shares some great ministry resolutions for 2016 for ministry leaders.
You are 42% more likely to do what you'd like to do if you simply write. it. down.Click To Tweet So… here are six really great ministry resolutions to work on in 2016. Read more details on any of these from Carey here. 1. Work on your character as seriously as you work on your competency Uh-huh… especially for those of us involved in any kind of ministry. There is always time to work on your competency (and that’s important too)… but if your character falls, you’re finished.
There is always time to work on your competency ... but if your character falls, you're finished.Click To Tweet 2. Spend less time in meetings Can I get an ‘amen’. I would hate to estimate how much time I wasted in 2015 in meetings and conference calls that were unimportant, or that I really didn’t need to attend. 3. Schedule the most important things What get’s measured, gets done. We’re fooling ourselves if we think this isn’t true.
What get's measured, gets done. We're fooling ourselves if we think this isn't true.Click To Tweet 4. Get up earlier I’m usually up at least by six. It took my body a LONG time to get used to it… but for me, the first 2-3 hours of the day are the most crucial. I really do think that I can get as much done in the first 3 hours of the day than many people get done in a whole day. I’m trying not to be prideful here at all, I just observe how many other people work. 5. Smile more I need to work on this. I’m really good at being an introvert, so being outgoing (and even smiling) is sometimes tough for me. I have to be intentional.  I’m sure people around me find me unfriendly or unapproachable at times, which is not good. A little smile can help make the difference. Especially when I’m tired or stressed, this is hard to do. 6. Decide your employees don’t work for you, but that you work for them. This mentality will change your office and your team. Literally. And it will change you as well. What are YOUR ministry resolutions this year?
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