Ministry Competition. Right or Wrong?

Jennifer Maggio asks some pretty important questions in this article:

Do you get jealous when the church or ministry across town has an event that happens to catch the eye of the local newspaper? Or do you rejoice that God is using them in such a way?

Do you find yourself critiquing another church, pastor, or ministry that has a similar ministry as yours?

Do you feel genuine excitement when God elevates another church or ministry for His purposes? Or do you secretly struggle with jealousy?

How would YOU answer these questions?




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  • James September 25, 2013 Reply

    Morning Todd;
    Ultimately I’ve come to celebrate another’s success. But it was a process, that attitude didn’t come overnight.
    I was a part of a large ministry, with multiple staff members and a large number of volunteers. So when we were at the top of our game, we were the envy of the town, and we were talked about, criticized and ultimately became a model for other congregations.

    THEN…we lost our Sr. Pastor, acquired a new one and in 2 short years grew the congregation down to about a third of what it was. So we went from the pinnacle to basement.

    So success can be short lived, fleeting and only the vaneer of what real ministry can be.

    So the transition and transformation wasn’t easy. Now I’m there and glad I can celebrate another’s ministry with joy in my heart.

    However, one last vestage of confession…I still on occasion criticize. So it’s not all completely gone. I cricitize when I see some of the areas you cover in your articles: poor leadership, procrastination, manipulation etc. esepcially in leadership.
    Blessings in your struggles and seeking God’s heart and mind.

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