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Ministry Briefing: Top Stories You Need to Know About This Week…

Each week, my friend Matt Steen and I compile the top 50 stories that we think you should be reading in a publication we call Ministry Briefing.  Here’s a sampling of FIVE stories from this week’s edition:

Majority of Americans Identify as Christians

A new study found that 75% of Americans are still self-identifying as Christian, and 8 in 10 saying that they attend religious services. Of those who identify as Christian, half are Protestant and a quarter are Catholic. Of those who use the general classification of “religious,” 90% are Christian. Source: Christianity Today

Voters Nominate the Most Hated Words of 2014

In Lake Superior State University’s 40th annual list of words nominated for banishment by members of the public, over 800 entries were submitted before a final list of words were chosen by the committee based on them being overused or misused. The 2014 list included: bae, hack, foodie, Polar Vortex, enhanced interrogation, and “cra-cra.” Source: Chicago Sun Times

Americans Spend Over 100 Hours Viewing TV Each Month

Barry Bowen of Storyflix writes that the average American household views 141 hours of TV each month, and that number includes many Christians. Bowen challenges his readers to view more uplifting Christian content if they are going to view that much television. Source: CNW

February Event in LA Led by Keller Addresses Injustice and Mercy Ministries

As the global population shifts into cities, urban ministry is becoming increasingly important. Pastor Tim Keller is hosting an event on February 26-28 called “Together LA” that will bring together Christian leaders to ask: What does it mean to love your city? Topics at the event will include mercy ministry, systemic injustice, ethnic and class conflict, faith and work, social and culture changes and challenges, church health and church collabora- tions. Source: The Christian Post

Matt Chandler Celebrates Five Years Free from Cancer

Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village Church and author of The Explicit Gospel, has been cancer-free for five years after his latest clean MRI scan. Chandler had collapsed in 2009 after a tumor in his brain caused a seizure. The tumor was removed and following 18 months of chemotherapy and radiation, Chandler only needed to follow up with MRI scans. Source: The Christian Post If you’re not already a subscriber, you can get this week’s (and next week’s) edition of Ministry Briefing (it’s an instant download) for FREE!  Just go here to download now!