New Megachurch Opens February 5?

OK… this is bizarre.

Faith Life Church is a large church ‘Word of Faith’ church located in Branson, MO.

And they’re opening a new church… in Sarasota, FL… a megachurch… in just a couple weeks.

Pastor Keith Moore announced to the Branson congregation that their new sister church would open in Sarasota on February 5 for their first service.

Faith Life Church purchased a large warehouse and has installed 2,700 chairs.  They’ve also paved a 600 space parking lot, done a lot of building improvements and even landscaping.

They purchased the building for about $4 million.

They also purchased a 2.2 million seven-bed, seven-bath home to use as a residence.

And they’ve raised over 3 million on a 5 million target for the complete renovation of the inside of the church building.

From the news story, there’s no mention of why Sarasota.  And no insight into why they think this new satellite campus will merit such a huge space, or huge expenditure.

Looks to me like this may be a huge test of faith for the church’s prosperity gospel.  Cause it sure don’t make sense to me.




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