New Megachurch Opens February 5?

OK… this is bizarre.

Faith Life Church is a large church ‘Word of Faith’ church located in Branson, MO.

And they’re opening a new church… in Sarasota, FL… a megachurch… in just a couple weeks.

Pastor Keith Moore announced to the Branson congregation that their new sister church would open in Sarasota on February 5 for their first service.

Faith Life Church purchased a large warehouse and has installed 2,700 chairs.  They’ve also paved a 600 space parking lot, done a lot of building improvements and even landscaping.

They purchased the building for about $4 million.

They also purchased a 2.2 million seven-bed, seven-bath home to use as a residence.

And they’ve raised over 3 million on a 5 million target for the complete renovation of the inside of the church building.

From the news story, there’s no mention of why Sarasota.  And no insight into why they think this new satellite campus will merit such a huge space, or huge expenditure.

Looks to me like this may be a huge test of faith for the church’s prosperity gospel.  Cause it sure don’t make sense to me.




  • Ryan January 18, 2012 Reply

    Sounds more like a franchise than a missional endeavor. To be honest, this is a story that makes me embarrassed for The Church.

  • Mark Brooks January 18, 2012 Reply

    The most interesting thing is the purchase of the house. A home for unwed mothers? Maybe they are going to house recovering addicts. Surely they would not spend that much for the pastor to live there!

  • Gibby January 18, 2012 Reply

    My comment is that it’s best that I not comment.

  • Tim P January 18, 2012 Reply

    A church who opens the doors to any size facility is using faith. It’s actually impossible to please God without faith. Human constraints like size, quality, and amounts should never be an issue of concern.And unless there are only 2,700 non-believers in Sarasota, then frankly that building is not nearly big enough.

    The Church should be expected to offer, through Jesus Christ, that ALL come to salvation, renewal, and provision. God is not threatened or changed in ANY way by Satan, fear, death, or even multipliers like money, reputation, or wisdom. So may there be 10,000 2,700 seat churches around Flordia and in every city of the world. And may all house have enough room for more than just our own families. Church strategy is not confined to human knowledge or methods, and what happens if 8,000 people show up for first service? The problems change instantly. So who cares about that junk. My strong encouragement is that critical “beleivers” leave it alone. God knows how to reveal sin.

    If the argument is money, what happens when hundreds of billionaires and tens of thousands of millionaires need Jesus too, and are led to tithe? The Church receives their 7-figure tithes without a plan for the future? A huge Mc Donalds run? Or can a church buy a meeting place without condemnation? Perseptive is the key. And keeping a distance from positions that judge rather than help is the best answer to that problem.

    Lastly, nearly 95% of America is considered wealthier than nearly every other population pool in the world. So money is not the issue. A big house is not the issie.

    Your heart is the issue.

    And since too many see outward and God sees inward, I’d expect you to want love to rule and reign in your heart and leave judgement to God once we die. No sooner. SELAH

    • Peter January 23, 2012 Reply


      I truly hope things go well for this church because what usually happens is that churches that start with a big splash just attract other Christians. I have seen this happen over and over again. Yes, faith is important but the idea that if we build it big they will come doesn’t always work as planned.

  • steve miller January 18, 2012 Reply

    I personally have serious doubts about the Word of Faith movement’s orthodoxy, but I say we pray for the endeavor. And ask God to use the renovated building for His Gospel purposes. It may even be a case of one organization builds and ultimately a different church reaps the benefit. Plus the day laborers in Sarasota, FL are in need of some work.

  • ricky January 18, 2012 Reply

    If you ever watch the guy preach and get a sense for that “ministry”…..then you get why this is happening. And, I might add, it has little to do with a God centered Gospel and much to do with a man-centered Gospel.

    “….but, in whatever way, Christ is preached and I rejoice…..Phil 1:18….Thankful for God’s soveregnty over these clowns and their ministry.

  • Steve Wulf January 18, 2012 Reply

    There’s a lot of money in Sarasota…hmmmm

  • Fred January 21, 2012 Reply

    I don’t see any confusion. Branson is nice, but the pastor needs a vacation getaway.

  • Pastor Steve Ingram January 23, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for posting what I call GOOD NEWS! I know Pastor Keith and certainly would NOT call this BIZARRE! The Gospel of Jesus is being preached! Why not have a debt free building and reach out to a city – state! In a time when many are challenged with debt we should rejoice that more people can come into the Kingdom! And learn that God has Harvest of souls on His Mind! When a church is strapped with debt its harder to reach out and bless others! A homeless man is debt free – but a Believer with his bills paid that has some income can reach out and do exploits! We should be reminded that “when God blesses you, He’s got more than You on His Mind!”. I applaude a debt free attitude! Bizarre? No! As a pastor I think it’d be better to applaude rather than label others in a judgmental attitude. Tim P. got it right !!!! Pastor Steve praying that we smile when we see God increasing Sarasota! And wherever You live too! John 10:10b !!!!! Amp

  • kjc January 27, 2012 Reply

    I was in Branson last yr for vacation and decided to stop by Bro. Moore’s church, they took me on a very nice tour of the church, and then a very nice person in the church asked me a question – what was I needing in my life, to which I told them I needed more thanksgiving in my life. This person says hold on, and left a moment and came back with a 14 DVD set of sermons on the subject of Thanksgiving living. That person told me everything as far as teaching CD’s and DVD’s were always FREE. So my thoughts on it is they are practing what they are teaching, they were super nice people, they asked me for nothing, but gave to me anyway, and they never knew I was a pastor myself. I was instantly impressed.

  • kjc January 27, 2012 Reply

    I forgot most ministries charge at least 15 dollars a DVD which would be 210 dollars for 14 DVD’s and I got them FREE. Jesus says freely we have been given so freely give. and by the way what a nice church it was, it had that WOW factor.

  • Richard Davis February 18, 2012 Reply

    To do the work of Jesus it takes funds. Tv time as well as internet time cost’s millions. Keith’s church is a tithing church. They give part of their offerings received to other churches and ministries. Just last week Sarasota faith life church gave 100,000 to the Salvation Army in Sarasota.This happens often. The Lord blesses us so we can bless others and brother and sister Moore are doing this.

  • Edward valdez September 27, 2012 Reply

    Edward Valdez
    I will like to say that there is no limit to GODs glory and he is blessing Brother Moore abundantly, that is Gods promises to us. What he is doing for others God can do for us. Keep up the good work for the gospel brother Moore, may our lord keep on blessing you.

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  • Jeremy April 7, 2013 Reply

    My comment is this…If you dont give to their ministry…IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT THEY DO!

    I ave followed their ministry for more than 18 years and I can tell you they are the real deal and just for your info they dont take a dime salary from the church. If this blog is the best use of your time – I am sorry for you.

    • Al Luminium March 11, 2014 Reply

      @Jeremy, If this church is registered as a non-profit with the IRS–which most are–then it *is* our business. We all participate in a tax system that has very clear rules about what tax-deductible contributions can, and can not, be used for. To say it’s no one else’s business is misinformed at best. Kind Regards.

  • Tom Rollins July 6, 2014 Reply


  • JP Sneed August 10, 2014 Reply

    What I can’t figure out is. Why do you care? Why is it any of your business? I don’t go to this church, but I’m so sick and tired of everybody gossiping and badmouthing other people (they don’t even know) and then pretending like it’s some kind of ministry. Mind your own business. That goes for all of you shameful gossips.

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