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Matt Chandler: Are you willing to go to jail?

An interesting article over at Religion Dispatch, talking about current trends in culture and the church. Here are the last two paragraphs that cite Matt Chandler.  Then you can see the writer’s response in the last paragraph. There’s a lot to discuss in those two paragraphs.  Take a read, then let me know what YOU think: In the wake of the Giglio withdrawal, there was an attempt to frame him as a victim. Chandler embraces a similar narrative, portraying gay rights activists as the bullies and Christians as the persecuted minority. “The rhetoric is changing,” he said. “At one time, we were Ned Flanders, goody two-shoes. Now we’re American al Qaeda.” He told me he was worried about a time, perhaps in the near future, when it would be considered a hate crime for a pastor not to perform a same-sex marriage. He is not alone in this fear. “Are you willing to go to jail?” Chandler said. “These are the questions that are coming for the church.” I doubt that’s a question that’s coming for the church. The real question is: How long should you fight for a lost cause? Read the whole article here. What do YOU think?

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