Mark Driscoll crashes John MacArthur's Conference. Says books were confiscated.

So… you can’t make this stuff up. John MacArthur holds a conference in California to try to set the record straight on the charismatic movement (turns out that most involved in the charismatic movement are not even believers according to MacArthur). Mark Driscoll (who has described himself in the past as a charismatic calvinist) is speaking at a conference at the same time a few miles away on how to act like a man. It was the perfect storm. Here’s how it went down. Driscoll (and his friend James MacDonald) decided to join the party and make an appearance during a break at the Strange Fire conference on MacArthur’s campus. Driscoll brought a few boxes of books to give away (and evidently sign) to conference attendees. But conference officials (Driscoll said security) asked him not to pass out books, because all resources given out at the conference needed to be approved. Driscoll said… no problem… I just want this to be a gift to the conference. So… they took the boxes of books (since they were a gift), and secured them in the conference offices. Driscoll then tweeted that his books were confiscated. It’s really a great story.  And a great thing to do to promote a book or get headlines.  (Hey, we’re talking about it here!) But a couple of thoughts (then a couple of links if you want to drill down a little for some other perspectives). 1.  I’ve been around large Christian conferences.  Both Mark and John promote big conferences (Driscoll’s is coming up soon).  Neither would let anyone walk in off the street and start handing out stuff… for a couple reasons: you really do want to have some control over what is handed out at your event; and more importantly, you have sponsors that have paid a high price to the conference to have the luxury of handing that kind of stuff out.  I doubt that if John MacArthur shows up at the Resurgence event with his Strange Fire book, that it would be met with any more enthusiasm. 2.  This is a classic match up of two really big personalities… two guys that, while they have more in common than the disagree with, will make it a point to spar publically to prove their point.  Sometimes it’s better to be right and be quiet… but it’s not in either of these guy’s nature to do that. I respect John MacArthur for all that he’s contributed to the Kingdom.  Same with Driscoll.  But let’s put aside the public theatrics.  Do the one-on-one reconciliation thing that men should do as brothers. What do YOU think? Todd Here are a couple of other blog posts with some different perspective… Here and here. What do you think?  Leave a comment.