Man… I wish someone would've told me this earlier…

Will Mancini writes: Every year, Outreach Magazine provides a profile of the 100 Fastest-growing churches in the country. This year, they had a few interview spots entitled, “What I wish someone told me.”

What really struck me are the common threads on vision and alignment. Look for how these pastors discuss clarity and unique calling. The big themes are as follows:

Radical emphasis on mission and vision (including values and strategy)

Willingness to “let people go” who don’t align with the vision

Commitment to stop programs and cut ministry not aligned with the vision

Now, listen to their own words form the 2012 special issue.

Luke Barnett (@LWBarnett),  Phoenix First Assembly of God (12th Fastest-growing)

At first you think the mobilizing leadership happens naturally, like leaders and volunteers and magically appear because you have a great idea, but that’s not so. Over time you learn that you have to be intentional in mobilizing and recruiting leaders and you have to develop the leaders that have bought into the vision and feel appreciated.

John  Beukema (@John Beukema), King Street Church (39th Fastest-growing)

Some people will never leave no matter what happens and some people will leave no matter what happens. Since that has been true, I wish I had been told how pitiful and unproductive it is to worry over who you retain and who you don’t. Just do the right things, be clear on your mission, and don’t get emotionally invested in who stays or goes.

David Brown (@DavidBrown_Ave), The Avenue Church (44th Fast-growing)

People do not have trouble committing to something. Look around at the ball fields and cheerleading meets. The church has been slow at giving them something worth committing to be in. When leaders are passionate about the vision God has given the local church and begin to share that vision people will follow.

// Read more here:  “What I Wish Someone Had Told Me:” Pastors of the 100 Fastest Growing Churches Share on Vision and Alignment – Will Mancini.

What do YOU wish someone would have told you about ministry 10 years ago?



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  • CD December 4, 2012 Reply

    Why do we care so much about having a list of the 100 fastest growing churches in America? Who cares? This kind of thing is fine when it comes to food or the best sports teams but why does this have to be a focal point for churches?! Churches would be better off focusing on what God wants for then instead of making a list

    • ks December 5, 2012 Reply

      CD, I agree with you about the list, but you are saying the same thing they are – focus on the mission that God has for you & your church. That’s a solid point no matter who it comes from – if the list helps some to see the point, than bring on the list…

  • Sarah Caldwell December 18, 2012 Reply

    I wouldn’t want to join a church where the pastor didn’t have some emotional investment in me–in whether I stayed or went.

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