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“We love you to death, but you’re no longer a fit here…”

Marion Aldridge asks a great question:

What happens when, after a time of magnificent ministry, it is obvious an individual and a church are no longer a fit?

Here’s the problem as Marion states it:

Most churches are small. Compared to the government’s various definitions of “small business,” which can be 50-500 employees, our congregations are tiny. It is a rare church that has a dozen employees. Most have one (the pastor) or two (the pastor and an administrative assistant). Some have full-time or part-time employees with very specialized skills — financial secretary, minister of music, preschool coordinator.

If someone is a good employee but in the wrong job, larger businesses can move a person to an assignment where he or she can succeed.

But churches can’t do that. We are too small. There is no wiggle room. Promotions and demotions are nearly impossible in ecclesiastical life within the same congregation.

This is a problem for small AND large churches.

Particularly when the church has changed over the years.

Maybe the church has grown dramatically under one leader.  Past success does not mean future success.  The reality is, it takes one skill set to grow a church from 100 to 500, and a complete different skill set to consistently pastor a church that is larger… or one that grows to a thousand.

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