Do you have a limp?

Do you have a limp from God?  God must often break us deeply to truly use us greatly.

Jacob got his name changed at the climax of the pressures he had been living with.  God forced him to face his character issues.  He carried a limp after that, as a reminder of the Lord’s severe mercies.  But he also carried more of the favor of God.

God was not only birthing a nation through the man, He was making the man a demonstration of the process He uses to make His servants fruitful. Fruitfulness usually must take place inwardly before God risks doing much with us outwardly. And fruitfulness, among other things, is a product of brokenness.

I don’t really trust a man who doesn’t have a limp somewhere. If you haven’t been through some storms, failures, and persecutions, I wonder if anyone really knows what you’re made of?  If there’s not brokenness, there’s very little room for God’s pure power to be understood and demonstrated.

I think this is why Paul said, “For this reason I delight in persecutions, trials, afflictions….For when I am weak then I am strong…” 2 Cor 12.  He understood what I call the law of acknowledged weakness.

Paul definitely walked with a limp!

Somebody once said, “Before God can use a man greatly, He must first break him deeply…” I think it’s true.  Only I would say that we must let God define what being used “greatly” looks like!  If we’re broken by our Lord, we begin to look at things differently and don’t necessarily concur with the world’s definitions of significance and success anymore.

Actually, anything God is in is great! The old hymn says, “little is much if God is in it…”  I don’t say this so that we will put limits on God, but so we can be freed from worldly preconceptions that often hinder us really hearing what God is saying.  Let God be God and everyman a liar.  His opinion alone matters.

Some of the greatest servants of God in the Bible were overlooked or rejected in their own settings.  For every Elijah who is a public figure (unpopular, nonetheless), there are 7,000 humble servants of God who have not bowed the knee to Baal (Rom 11:1-6).

God is pleased to keep most of us in obscurity.  After all, though God went public in His Son, the Father hath no man seen.  He’s happy to be hidden.

But obscurity will one day be reversed.

God in his wisdom keeps many of His choicest servants hidden…until the last day.  That’s when the first shall be last and the last shall be first.


  • steve miller January 16, 2013 Reply

    AMEN! I don’t know any great leaders who go looking to acquire a limp, but I won’t trust one who hasn’t gotten at least one.

  • Peter D. April 10, 2013 Reply

    I know the limp is metaphorical, but I believe God heals and restores completely as well. I don’t consider the hurdles God has helped me jump over to be limps. Then again, we all need Stones of Remembrance in our lives.

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