Lessons You Need to Learn from Jack Schaap

Jack Schaap, former pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, will be sentenced today after pleading guilty to having sex with an underage girl. This entire situation is horrible: a powerful pastor taking advantage of a girl from his congregation. We need to be praying for the victim, the families involved, and for the church.

While it is easy to say “that would never happen to me” the truth is that no pastor wakes up one morning having decided to blow up his family, his church, and do something that will land him in jail. Falls like Schaaps, and the other highly public failures of the recent past, take time to develop, and start with the most minor compromise. This morning, on Ministry Briefing, we discuss how to avoid moral failures like this.

How are YOU guarding against the tiny compromises?


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  • James March 20, 2013 Reply

    I’d like to weigh in on this topic, not because I’m an expert, therapist, specialist, or anything like that. I am a pastor and long time music minister and served the church for 50 years.

    And what I’ve seen tried doesn’t work. Mostly suppressing, discipline (not this is bad), sheer will-power, small accountability groups yaddy, yadda. They all fail miserably! We’ve only seen the tip of the ice-berg.

    How long will we pursue the same course of non-effective action till we admit it doesn’t work folks. All the sermons, and bible studies you can cram in volkswagon don’t change much. Mostly surface symptoms and not the root cause.

    If you think root cause is “sin” you’re only 5% correct and 95% missing it.

    To spread the dilemma further, obviously going to church, God talk, and Jesus speak isn’t turning the tide either.

    The answer has always been in scripture but not in our greatly exaggerated and overblown rules of conduct that everyone knows but seldom spoken of in the open or even questioned.

    It’s not in our theology or doctine but simply in the “life” of God’s unconditional love for us.
    Everything we see in our world has conditions. Our homes, churches, governments, schools etc. are institutions based on even exchange NOT unconditional love.

    What changes your life? Consequences? Pain? Suffering? Pressures? God sent His Son to prove our systems never did or will work, including religion of any type, shape or size.

    So where’s the difference in what I’m saying? The man who fell from his pedastal was looking for unconditional love, long long long time before he committed the crime of having sex with a minor. I would submit that everything from his home to his church to his religion was all one big show of imitation love, not unconditional love.

    If love IS the answer, then we’re doing something wrong in understanding and practicing it.

    I’ve discovered something that is transforming my life, my marriage, my relationship with God and people. It’s not strange, weird or bizarre, but it is different and fresh.

    Please read a book by Greg Baer called “Real love”. Go to his website and watch one of his videos.

    Stop the Christianeze verbage and start getting turned on to the reality of REAL LOVE, and help yourself by stopping the cycle of living with imitation love.

    It’s transforming and it will change you, your family, your church and your eyes will be opened to the Real Message and life of Jesus.

    I’m just a learner and a traveler like you. But I’m also a begger just telling another begger where to find food.

    Stop the insantiy of “trying” to polish up your Christian weapons. Put your weapons down and be disarmed yet filled with real love. It’s out there, but we have to willing to take a leap of faith in a different realm. Fish in a new pond, explore a new galaxy.

    Blessings on you all

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