Knock it off, John MacArthur

Well… that’s the message from Michael Brown (who writes for Charisma Magazine) to John MacArthur. It seems that MacArthur is holding a “Strange Fire” conference right now in Southern California to help pastors ‘evaluate the claims of those in the charismatic movement’ and help those in attendance immerse themselves ‘in the Word of God and sweet fellowship of like-minded believers’. But it appears that charismatics are not what MacArthur would consider ‘like-minded believers’. In fact, a response to Michael Brown’s original article asking MacArthur to reconsider the conference was quite pointed in a blog post on MacArthur’s site entitled “Leveling Charges Against John MacArthur”. (Never mind the fact that MacArthur is doing a conference leveling charges against a whole host of his fellow believers). Fred Butler writes: I believe Brown is wildly off-target with his critical remarks against John MacArthur.  In fact, I am deeply troubled by such a profound lack of discernment–though Dr. Brown has written so thoughtfully on important aspects of apologetics, he dismisses the serious theological errors prevalent within the charismatic movement as mere “excesses.” Yeouch. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone just fell in line with MacArthur? For one thing, there would be no more flat screen screen preachers. Oh wait. For reals, isn’t it possible to disagree with someone on a theological matter without casting them to the wolves? Do we really need a conference to gather church leaders AGAINST a certain theology or viewpoint or movement? Let me go on the record.  I DO believe that someone is ‘wildly off-target’ here.  And you don’t even need an interpreter to figure out who that might be. But don’t worry.  I’m not planning a conference. In fact, I agree with John MacArthur on much more than I disagree with. So I’m praying for John today, and for the attendees of the Strange Fire conference… that they will have discernment, and that they won’t leave as a more powered up anti-anything crowd. (We already have enough of that to go around). Thoughts?