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Keller, Stetzer, Driscoll or Osteen?

Recently Dave Miller over at SBC Voices did a little test.  See if you can tell who these tweets are from.  The answers are below.

1) God invites us to to come as we are, not to stay as we are.

2) God doesn’t judge the way we judge. He doesn’t look on the outside. He looks at the heart.

3) We do not follow Jesus because it is easy but rather because he is worthy.

4) God knows what He is doing. Quit fighting against what doesn’t go your way.

5) The attributes of God we see in Scripture are embodied in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

6) Jesus valued the lost over the social needs of the “found.”

7) Grace creates people who are committed to bless the world through their work.

8)  Remember, people need a word from God more than they need a word from you. Give ‘em Jesus.

9) You won’t get in trouble for doing good deeds. You will get it trouble if you use these experiences as opportunities to talk about Jesus.

10) God knows what He is doing. He is getting you prepared. Your destiny is bigger than you think.

Read 10 more fun tweets here.

OK… Scroll down for the answers…




















1.  Keller

2.  Osteen

3.  Driscoll

4.  Osteen

5.  Stetzer

6. Stetzer

7. Keller

8.  Stetzer

9.  Driscoll

10.  Osteen

One Response to “ “Keller, Stetzer, Driscoll or Osteen?”

  1. SuSu says:

    funny people…you gave the answers right after the quote:)

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