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Joyce Meyer Shares about Secret Shame of Sexual Abuse

Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyer shared additional details about extreme sexual abuse that she endured through her father. Meyer was raped over 200 times by her father, who also raped her friends who came home from school with her, as well as the neighbor’s daughter. Meyer has opened up about her past because the same of sexual abuse is nearly impossible to talk about, and she hopes that more victims can receive help and that churches can be more proactive in preventing abuse.
Click here to get the full story. Want stories like this and more delivered to your inbox each week? Go here to order your next four issues for just $1!   Why this story matters for church leaders: Sexual abuse victims find it extremely difficult to talk about their past and how to prevent future abuse, so church leaders must take the lead in helping them heal and preventing future future incidents.
  • This could never happen to us: In many stories of sexual abuse, the perpetrator was trusted and even respected by the community. However, a staggering number of women and girls are sexually abused.
  • Setting Up Safeguards: Background checks, adult to child ratios, and supervision are all essential for providing oversight and safe places in churches.
  • Counseling for Victims: Victims fear not being believed and are often blamed for their abuse. How can your church provide support for victims of abuse?
There are many different support groups for the victims of sexual violence and preventing sexual violence. Contact a group in your community learn about best practices for your church. Find this story interesting?  It’s just one of dozens of stories great leaders are reading about this week in Ministry Briefing! All readers of my blog can get the next four issues of Ministry Briefing for just $1!
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