John Piper YouTube video gets 10,000+ comments

10,000+ comments.

John Piper.

Why homosexuality is wrong.

Watch the video.

What did you think?

Now read the comments.

Does it change your feelings at all?

How do you respond to someone who says that this is just more ‘conservative christian bullshit rhetoric’?

Before you quickly respond… look at the sheer number of people represented by these comments.

Many of them look at Piper’s words as hateful, or at best, ill-advised.

So… how do you respond to these souls?

(My first thought here is that many times we make issues like homosexuality the first point people hear.  It’s far more important that they hear about the gospel than about our view on homosexuality).

I’m not down on Piper at all for answering the question.  It’s an important question, with an equally important answer.

I’m just wondering how we can answer the question without alienating so many people with our response… because our answer to the homosexuality question is not the most important question that should be asked.

How do YOU answer the question when you’re asked?




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