John Piper YouTube video gets 10,000+ comments

10,000+ comments.

John Piper.

Why homosexuality is wrong.

Watch the video.

What did you think?

Now read the comments.

Does it change your feelings at all?

How do you respond to someone who says that this is just more ‘conservative christian bullshit rhetoric’?

Before you quickly respond… look at the sheer number of people represented by these comments.

Many of them look at Piper’s words as hateful, or at best, ill-advised.

So… how do you respond to these souls?

(My first thought here is that many times we make issues like homosexuality the first point people hear.  It’s far more important that they hear about the gospel than about our view on homosexuality).

I’m not down on Piper at all for answering the question.  It’s an important question, with an equally important answer.

I’m just wondering how we can answer the question without alienating so many people with our response… because our answer to the homosexuality question is not the most important question that should be asked.

How do YOU answer the question when you’re asked?




  • jreighley September 10, 2012 Reply

    Are you seriously asking me to read 10,000 comments?

    The Truth is going to be rejected by many. I think that is to be expected. John 15:18-25

    • Todd Rhoades September 10, 2012 Reply

      Yes, every one of them.

  • A Medrano September 10, 2012 Reply

    Sin is one thing, sinning is another.

    I’m not from his tribe, but I’ll go from there and explain how’d I answer the question.

    All humans are depraved. We are all broken and sinful. Thank God for Jesus to both redeem us and show us a path for living a better life. Being a homosexual may be considered a sin but so is someone who has a disability. It’s a sin in the Jewish sense that it’s not how God intended it to be. But, that person isn’t sinning for who they are or what they’ve become…a thing that have become part of their identity. God isn’t wrathful over those who are broken. Rather, God is wrathful over those who intentionally reject God. Those who go beyond what makes up their broken identity to pursue an act that is outside God’s intention would be sinning. And that’s what God would be angry about. Being and practicing are two different things. God wants to heal broken people. And Jesus provides a way. He motivated people who could not commit to a marriage to live a celibate life like He did, for the sake of God’s rule and reign on earth.

  • The Somnium September 10, 2012 Reply

    What Piper did was expositorially explain sin as it pertains to homosexuality and, later, sin in general. He then gave an affective and effective response to those who may have watched the video.

    Given his temperment through ALL of these Q&A videos, if anyone watched this and believes that Piper is a hateful man because of it then they simply are offended by his position. If that is the case, then people are simply offended by the Bible.

    You said something interesting Todd: “I’m just wondering how we can answer the question without alienating so many with our response…”

    Note the difference in posture and intent when Piper says that homosexuality is “offensive to God (as all sin is).”

    If it truly is how we respond that offends people, then let us check where our heart is because we should be full of grace in our presentation towards non-believers. However, if it truly is the message that has made people respond poorly because, as Piper explains, we want to be in place of God, then so be it. We are accountable to God alone for our words and actions.

  • pietrosquared September 11, 2012 Reply

    Todd writes “(My first thought here is that many times we make issues like homosexuality the first point people hear. It’s far more important that they hear about the gospel than about our view on homosexuality).”

    Everybody… please read and consider that statement again…

  • Steve Miller September 11, 2012 Reply

    Non-Christians in their sin nature usually want to hear one of two things, either total affirmation of homosexuality, or they want you to call it a sin so they can quickly chastise you for being a religious bigot. In this age of soundbites Piper does a fantastic job of explaining an offensive topic in a caring non-judgmental way. We must be clear, our message, the Gospel, is offensive; if it ever stops offending then we have probably stopped preaching in a biblical manner.

    • Todd Rhoades September 11, 2012 Reply

      Absolutely… I think scripture is clear that the gospel is offensive to those who do not believe. Where I draw the line is when people try to offend, or offend without needing to go there; or Christians who are jerks because they feel God has their back.

      Love is also a key component in scripture.

      And that’s where the rub comes… how do you love someone who finds the gospel offensive?

      That’s where the rubber meets the road.

      (And I’m not thinking Piper is being a jerk here… at. all.)

  • John M. Harris September 11, 2012 Reply

    I know this much, Piper needs a stylest

  • sweetenlifeGary September 11, 2012 Reply

    After being a Christian Counselor and Minister for decades, I think we must rediscover the very powerful and redemptive healing part of our Lord’s earthly ministry. To be involved in any lustful activity outside of marriage is, of course, missing the mark. Hamartia, or missing the mark, is called sin in scripture. However,when a person is captive to a chronic behavior, counseling or healing s also needed. Over 90% of my clients are Christians Who struggle with a chronic behavior of some kind, almost all are missing the mark.

    Christian Counseling must look at compulsions as wel as willful choices. Many men and women who have spent years trying to escape from those compulsions and many are now free to live with freedom from those compulsions. Change IS possible.

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