John Piper: Video Clips make Sermons Weak

Interesting quote from John Piper.  Agree or disagree?

I think the use of video and drama largely is a token of unbelief in the power of preaching. And I think that, to the degree that pastors begin to supplement their preaching with this entertaining spice to help people stay with them and be moved and get helped, it’s going to backfire. It’s going to backfire.

It’s going to communicate that preaching is weak, preaching doesn’t save, preaching doesn’t hold, but entertainment does. And we’ll just go further and further. So we don’t do video clips during the sermon. We don’t do skits.

What do YOU think?

A few of my initial thoughts, (which will probably get me in trouble)…

1.  Preaching DOESN’T save.

2.  Most preaching doesn’t hold attention these days.

3.  Do you think that preaching is the ultimate?  Can God not work without preaching?  Will people not be saved?  Will people not grow without preaching?  Is preaching the ultimate reason we gather on the weekend?  Is it far over and above worship, fellowship, giving, etc.?

4.  Jesus did preach in the NT, but we also see Jesus doing many other things that seemed, at least to him, to be really (really) important.

5.  Piper is right.  I mean… Jesus and Paul never used video clips or skits when they preached.

6.  Jesus was a storyteller.  To say that he would only tell his stories today through spoken word is a stretch, I think.

I like John Piper… but I think that he’s kind of putting his type of preaching on a pretty big pedestal, which is fine.  Many pastors do.

Don’t get me wrong.  Preaching is important.  But it’s not the be all end all as some would like us to think. At least not in my opinion.

OK… take your shots at me.  I’m wearing my armor.



Here’s the link to the article…


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