John Piper: The Church in America Is Slowly Awakening

“The church in America today is slowly awakening from the distortion of about 350 years of dominance and prosperity.”

Until recently, being a Christian has been seen as normal.

Until recently, being a Christian has generally resulted in things going well for you.

We are Christian.  We are Americans.

The distortion has created an unbiblical mindset that hasn’t been good for us.

What do you think about Piper’s premise?

What does this mean for your ministry in your part of America?


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  • Rusty Isaiah Downs February 17, 2015 Reply

    Dear Mr. Piper,
    I believe YOU are THE FIRST MAN OF GOD that actually sees what I have been witnessing for the past 48 years in Music Ministry. I am nearly 55 years old and I have been BLESSED to have been able to Serve God in Preparing the Hearts and Minds of God’s People For His Holy Scriptures through The Gift of Music for over 48 years.

    I have seen the church change so dramatically just in these 48 years and the wrong doings, jealousy, greed, envy, lies, theft and false prophets have simply overtaken our churches! Money and Power seem to be the two focal points of the majority of church leaders. Changing ANYTHING and adapting to ANYTHING to get folks to come to church. While never establishing ANYTHING supportive, interactive nor spiritually pleasing to God for any of these new comers nor the current church body! They just want their money and nothing else! They don’t want ANYONE telling them how to run things, how to spend the money of those who are members and support the church and have become MASTER MANIPULATORS!

    Most church members don’t see nor understand what is going on behind the scenes. When you Serve in Ministry for God, you see things . . . you see and hear everything and especially when you are doing His Will!

    I was the Minister of Music & Inspiring Worship for Christ Episcopal Church downtown Springfield, IL for over three years. And in those three years I saw and was told first hand by the priest ALL that he did and does to those that cross him. A type of unholy vigilante and a very well educated man with two Doctorate Degrees. He knows who to use to do his dirty work and when to put on the charms. For some reason, he has a handful of followers within the congregation that follow his every single lead and direction. They feel and have said that if certain members who pass on or leave, that Christ Church could become a healthy church again! And from the priest’s lips to my ears, he specifically has said on numerous occasions that there wasn’t one single soul in that congregation, at this church that he felt was a true disciple and saved!

    After three years, not only my spiritual health was suffering but my physical health also. I resigned and have left the music ministry as of Sept. 24, 2014. I have not been able to step into ANY church! My heart simply breaks for this congregation and so many others like her! Where intimidation is used to threaten the members that if they make any waves, the church would become a “Mission Church!” Which would mean possibly no communion every Sunday! In my mind . . . that would have been a Blessing From God for that church to become a mission church and to possibly expel the dead fruit that has been rotting on the vines for decades in this place.

    I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” and “God Bless You” for your TRUTH, HONESTY and BRAVERY in presenting your understanding of what is really going on within our churches!

    What is so tragic . . . most of those congregation members have no idea that their immortal souls are at risk and manipulated.

    I pray that your message becomes a Holy Fire and that God sends it out ALL Over This Country . . . All Over The World. To Awaken FULLY God’s People and His Bride, The Church of Jesus Christ! AMEN!

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