John Piper responds to the Zimmerman verdict

John Piper has now chimed in on the Zimmerman verdict:

“Christians, who have a high view of the Bible and high view of God’s justice, and that Jesus Christ is going to be the judge of all people someday have a very important message because justice will be done… Either the sins of George Zimmerman will be on Jesus on the cross because George Zimmerman has humbled himself, repented of his sin, trusted in Jesus, and made Him his Lord and Savior by faith, or he will suffer in hell, forever, for all of his sins, including these – that’s the choice in front of all of us.”

Not sure if Piper is talking about the specific ‘sin’ of the shooting, or Zimmerman’s sin in general.

Your thoughts?

Should Piper has said anything, or just left this subject alone?


PS – there is always great comfort (and sometimes great trepidation) in the fact that Christ will judge all people someday.  But for the non-Christian who ‘doesn’t have a high view of the Bible and God’s justice), these words don’t really make much sense.  For them, they want justice now, now later.



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