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John Piper on woman drill sergeants and city planners

Interesting discussion on Ask John Piper today.

The question is “Do you use Bible commentaries written by women?”

He gives an interesting differentiation between personal and direct.

He goes on to say that women (he thinks) should not be drill sergeants, but would make great city planners.

Check it out here. It’s five minutes.

Women in ministry is not a big deal to me… but I know if is to many people I know (and respect).  I have a view, but am not prone to shout it from the rooftops like some.

For example, I would never even think to ask about whether or not it’s ok to use Bible commentaries written by women.  (Actually, I didn’t know there were any).



2 Responses to “ “John Piper on woman drill sergeants and city planners”

  1. Jeff says:

    Whaaat?? You mean….. OMG!! Hey…you think BJU’s dress code is legalistic and (gasp!) Piper’s comments are not?? (Sorry. Couldn’t resist messin’ with ya)

  2. cphabig says:

    Really? You don’t know of any commentaries by women? Surely you jest. Check out the work of Elizabeth Achtemeier for one.

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