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John Piper moving to Knoxville?

From the Knoxville News: One of the most influential pastors of the 21st century is stepping down from his Minnesota pulpit and moving to East Tennessee. Evangelical preacher, theologian and author John Piper, 66, recently told the Minnesota Star Tribune that he and his wife of 44 years, Noel, and their 17-year-old daughter Talitha will move to the Knoxville area in the spring for about a year while he works on his writing. The family plans to return to their home in Minneapolis, Minn., afterward. Piper said he is giving up the daily responsibilities of running megachurch Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, which has three campuses and close to 5,000 weekly attendees. // Read more here… Wise move on John Piper’s part.  That will give his successor room to lead without Piper’s shadow for at least the next year. I love it when you hear of things being conducted in a healthy manner!

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