A fresh Set of Eyes and Ears Can Give Real Clarity…

Finding your right place in ministry can be confusing. I remember by ‘in between’ times in ministry… those times when I wasn’t sure what my next step was. For me, it happened three times over 18 years. Each time was different, yet somehow similar. Lots of questions were going through my mind:

  • Should I stay where I’m at or look for other opportunities?
  • I sense God might be telling me to move on, but how do I know?
  • What will all this effect my family? my income? my spiritual life?
  • When is a good time to make a transition?
  • How will I know that I’m doing what God wants me to do?
These are all heavy questions that most all of us in ministry deal with at different points in our ministry. These are the tough life decisions that not only affect us personally, but also our family, and those that we impact through ministry. I wish I would have had someone to help talk through these types of things… to encourage, support, and give advice… someone who was really objective that didn’t have a stake in my decision (like a family member or current fellow staff member). These periods are, quite frankly, lonely; many times filled with lots of self-inspection, confusion, and serious doubt. I wish I would have had an outside set of ears to listen to my situation, along with a fresh set of eyes that could help me gain perspective… someone that could share wisdom and advice. As we head into summer… you may be entering this period of transition (or at least starting to think about it). Many transitions happen over the summer and right before the school year, so this is a logical time to try to sort things out. My heart is with you, because I’ve sat where you’re currently sitting. And I’d like to help. So, I’ve committed some extra time this summer to offer a very limited amount of personal one-on-one church job transition coaching. If you’re in this current life-stage of considering what ‘next step’ God would have you take, I’d love to help coach and encourage you through that possibility this summer. Here’s what I can offer you: I’ve worked with hundreds (probably thousands) of churches and individuals over the years. I’ve heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of transitions. That’s given me insight that I think would prove helpful to you as you try to sort things out in your own next steps. I will tell you the truth (always in love). I’ll help you decipher the sometimes confusing and difficult transition period from the start (should I go?) to the middle (how do I go?) to the end (where should I go?). I’ll be the impartial and unbiased confidant that you might not currently have. I’ll shoot straight. We’ll talk about what YOU want and need to talk about. We’ll tackle your biggest obstacles head-on to make your potential transition as quick and painless as possible. I only have a few slots available, and they will fill quickly… so if you’re interested, please head over to http://churchjobs.tv/job-coach right now and reserve your spot. When they fill up, I’ll be happy to put you on my waiting list. You can always email me with any questions, or just click the link below to reserve your spot! Here’s to a GREAT summer in ministry! todd