What Would Jesus Eat?

What do hot dog wieners and ministry have in common? A friend of mine is an elder at his church. The board of elders was planning a church picnic. Everything sounds normal so far. That is until someone wanted to buy one particular brand of hot dog wieners and someone wanted to buy another. For ten minutes they debated on what brand to buy. My friend had to leave the meeting. Now I’m all for church picnics. Really, anything that offers food is pretty much a draw for me. And every event should be thought out and well planned. But is it possible to get too focused on the details and lose the purpose of the event ? How often have you focused so much on the details of something that you forgot the real purpose of what you are doing? Do you focus on your kids having the best and forget what they really want is to know you love them? Do you focus on looking good at work when the purpose of work is to provide for your family? Do you focus on getting an “A” at the cost of a relationship? And do we in the church focus on getting our own way only to forget to send God an invitation to the church picnic? What do hot dog wieners and ministry have in common? Nothing. You might think me mad for saying this but I think it’s time we focused a little less on our wieners and a little more on the purpose of the church. GUEST POST by:  MadPastor.  MadPastor is a normal guy. Grew up in a local church,  went to youth group, got baptized, went to seminary. Now I am a pastor. I’m not an angry pastor. But what goes on in the Church and world today is driving me mad.  You can catch up with him at MadPastor.com. What’s the silliest ministry argument that you’ve ever seen?  Tell us about it!