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Is Your Church Bank Account Safe from Hackers?

As churches move more of their transactions and accounts to online programs, there is an increased threat of cyber attacks and theft. While there should be clear controls in place for writing checks and making deposits, churches also need security procedures for ensuring the safety of accounts. Virus detection and removal software as well as email and network safeguards are essential for blocking potential attacks.
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  • Do you have IT support? A thorough audit of your email, network, and software by an experienced IT professional can detect vulnerabilities.
  • Who Handles Finances? A clear chain of command or defined finance team can ensure that you have the best controls and procedures in place to detect problems and to prevent them.
  • How Often Do You Perform Maintenance? Regular virus and malware scans are essential for keeping your computers free from hackers and viruses. Scheduling these check ups can make them part of your church’s culture.
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