Is Modesty Really All that Important?

The half-time show at the Super Bowl triggered a good bit of discussion about modesty, and sexiness.

There are those that say Beyonce’s show was all in good fun, others who have called it outright pornography. A recent piece from The Church of No People has gotten us thinking: is modesty really important, and what messages do we unintentionally send when we talk about modesty?

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  • James February 26, 2013 Reply

    Is Modesty that Important?

    To those who think it is….IT is! Those who don’t…don’t! I’m not being frivilous or poking fun.
    The same kind of an argument Paul had with those who had problems being those who ate meat sacrificed to idols. Some did, and they should exercise grace according to their maturity and those who didn’t needed to be mindful of those who did. Both positions avoided judgements and marginalizing each camp.
    But I’m thinking that there is a deeper problem than modesty. If those who flaunt their “skin” and find modesty obsolete, the deeper issues maybe of personal value and worth. Those who condemn everything may suffer the issues of lack of love, compassion and just plain angry at the world. Which the deeper issues are insecurity, fear, and control.
    My perspective is that we’ve been tiptoeing around the deeper issues and talking about “surface” issues. These surface issues (Modesty, drunkeness, promescuity etc.) are indicators of something much much deeper.
    Inner fears, insecurities, deep emotional damage, abandonment…etc. It’s easier to treat the symptom than the cause (for a time). Then one day we wake up to the real world and find out the whole world is really sick, including the ones pointing the finger at the offenders.
    Is modesty important? If immodesty is an issue or a problem then it is accurately revealing something missing in the offender and the one being offended.
    If I love unconditionally people who potentionally offend me, then I don’t unconditionally love them, so the problem is in me. If on the other hand, I can see beyond the immodesty and can treat that person with unconditional love then I just might be a part of the solution to helping that individual discover they are loved….unconditionally. Then modesty is no longer the issue, but healing, wholeness and love become the antidote to the ills of man, not judgement.
    Blessings in your pursuit of the Divine in all things

  • Larry February 26, 2013 Reply

    I think it’s too dangerous to just come to the conclusion that modesty is NOT important. As a youth leader, if a college-aged woman came to me with a desire to be a leader in our youth group, and I can clearly see butt and boob, something’s got to give.
    The heart of the matter, as you said in the video, is not WHAT she’s wearing, but WHY she’s wearing that. A girl who consistently dresses that way is either hungry for male attention, ignorant of how teenage boys think, or she simply doesn’t care. Whichever one is true, I would not deem her ready to lead a group of teenagers.
    It’s true that our guys ought to learn self-control, but we shouldn’t allow blatant temptation from our leadership, either. You wouldn’t help a drug addict get clean by placing a needle in front of them and saying “I’m going to leave this here, because you need to be strong enough not to touch it!”
    Now, if a younger teenage lady comes in dressed equally inappropriately, and she is looking for a youth group, I don’t think “sending her home to change” is going to very well convince her that we care about her. While she is not ready for leadership, she is desperate for the love of Christ. But, with time and love, as she comes to know Christ, her heart should change, and with it, her attire. Same for a guy who can’t keep his shirt on or his pants pulled up.
    Let Christ change the heart first, and then let the Holy Spirit work on the rest.

  • kjc February 26, 2013 Reply

    Any thing the bible talks about is important for us to share, a better question is should we be unmodest in our actions or appearance ?

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