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Is leadership ‘crowding out the character of Jesus’?

Leadership is a big topic in the church these days.

Heck… I work for “Leadership” Network.

But some say our leadership culture has gone too far.  Lance Ford has written a new book called “UnLeaders”.  He’s a quote from Lance:

The leadership culture in the Church has fed a lot of egos and crowded out the character of Jesus in the name of leadership.

You can read this quote in full context of an interview here…

As with anything, when we concentrate just on one thing, we will get derailed.

I think leadership in the church is vitally important.  Without great leaders, churches flounder.  Seriously.

But do you agree with Lance, that all this concentrate on leadership has fed egos and crowded out the character of Jesus?

What do YOU think?


2 Responses to “ “Is leadership ‘crowding out the character of Jesus’?”

  1. My wife and I have a joke everytime we hear the term “though leader”. We race to be the first to say, “he ain’t leadin’ MY thoughts!”

    Seriously, though, I do believe there is a wicked and subtle thread of evil slithering just underneath the surface of leadership. Give it a glance and it jumps in your leadership face. Before you know it, you’re racing to write your book, “The Gospel According To Me”.

    I’m guilty of this myself. I’ve retweeted someone not because of the tweet but because it was the someone who tweeted it. (Lord, forgive me).

    I don’t think we need to throw out the leader baby with the bath water, though. Leadership is vital. Seth Godin says so (there I go again with the name dropping!)

  2. The article and interview were excellent, bringing some much-needed balance. Thanks Lance Ford!


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