Is Facebook a Passing Fad?

Nearly half of Americans think so. According to Mashable: A poll conducted by the Associated Press and CNBC found that 46% of respondents think Facebook will fade away as new platforms come along in the future. However, about 43% believe the site will likely be successful for the long haul. So… what do YOU think? My guess is that it will fade just like most things do. So will Twitter. It will be like a cassette tape.  Or a CD (for that matter). We’ll still be connecting online, but with something newer and shinier than Facebook. Using facebook in 2015 may be like sending a fax today. As we’ve seen… things change quickly… very quickly. What do YOU think the future will look like?  Will Facebook be a huge part of it or not? And how are YOU using Facebook differently today than you did… say… a year ago? (For me… I use Facebook primarily with people that I actually know in real life.  I use Twitter to follow people around ideas and thoughts.) Would love to hear your input! Todd